If you’ve not visited Grand Copthrone Waterfront Hotel recently, you’re definitely missing out! It’s $17 million lobby makeover is gorgeous, and foodies, you’ll be glad to know that it houses 3 new concepts that should be on your hit list (click here for more details) Today, I’ll be writing about Grissini, an Italian restaurant named after a breadstick that serves up homemade pastas and pastas, as well as premium grilled meats and seafood.



The elegantly decorated Grissini offers private dining rooms as well as an alfresco dining area overlooking the Singapore River. Whether it’s a private party, business meal or romantic date,  Grissini got it covered.  The restaurant also equipped with a charcuterie, cheese room and wine cellar. The open concept kitchen gives diners the opportunity to watch their pizzas prepared from scratch.




The kitchen is helmed by Chef Antonio Cocozza, who hails from Naples, the region where pizza was created. Chef Antonio’s cooking is influence by his Southern Italian roots. The menu he curated at Grissini focuses on authentic pasta and pizzas, meats and seafood, in addition to classic favorites updated with a twist.

While waiting for the food to arrive, we much on crunchy breadsticks (how apt!) with an appetizing Japanese mayonnaise and sundried tomato dip.



A good Italian meal always starts with quality cold cuts, cheese and rocket. Traditionalist would enjoy the Charcuterie Platter ($16), which comes with folds of thinly sliced prosciutto and cheese, accompanied with fig and marmalade condiments. And more breadsticks, which I’ll always welcome. Do note that pictured here is a large tasting portion for the tasting session; the standard portion has 100g of prosciutto.


The Smoked Cheese Salad ($26) features smoked Burratina loosely wrapped in Parma Ham lying on a bed of yellow frisee and baby rockets scented with Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The cow cheese’s soft creamy texture is captivating while the prosciutto adds some flavour to the otherwise delicate tasting cheese.


If you prefer stronger flavours, the Cheese with Parma Ham ($26) would suit your taste buds better. The appetizer consists of Pan-fried Buffalo Mozzarella rolled in prosciutto that has been aged for 12 months, accompanied with a salad prepared with baby rockets, majoram and chopped Taggiasca Olives.


Not a fan of cheese and cured meats? Pick the Heirloom Tomato Salad ($24), a plate of refreshing baby rocket, tossed with Cimelio tomatoes, Taggiasca olives, fresh basil, with a drizzle of Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



The Boston Lobster Linguine ($36) and Spaghetti Clams ($24) will definitely appeal to the seafood and artisanal pasta fans. The former, is a luxurious yet affordable treat of linguine ribbons coated with a sauce prepared with Datterino tomatoes, Frascati white wine and Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  then finished with fresh Boston Lobster. Somehow, the chef has not only managed to impart smoky notes to the crustacean, but also to the pasta, which made the dish even more captivating. The Vongule, with generous amount of plump clams, was excellent, but in my opinion, not as outstanding as the lobster linguine.



The Tortelli Veal Cheek ($24) didn’t score too highly in the appearance, but delivered straight As in taste and texture. Veal Cheek, snuggled in springy parcels of pasta, sit in a pool of  melted butter and Alba White Truffle Oil. Parmigiano Reggiano shavings and sage complete the incredible (and rather rich) masterpiece.


Vegetarian options include Mushroom Risotto ($24), where Acquerello Carnaroli Rice is simmer in an earthy Porcini Mushroom broth, then creamed with butter and completed with parsley and Parmigiano Reggiano.


From the Josper Grill

Grissini’s 28 grand Josper Grill Oven uses charcoal and flavored wood to impart a depth of smokiness that is unparallel. It has the technology to seal, smoke and grill at the same time, thereby preventing meats and seafood from over drying.


Octopus ($36). The Spanish tentacled creature has a glistening sheen and succulent meat heavily laced with smoky notes. Served roasted ratte potatoes, Taggiasca Olives, Datterino Tomatoes and Baby Rocket.


Carnivores will relish the Wagyu Ribeye ($78), a hearty main of juicy, well-marbled Australian Wagyu, served with parmesan and tomatoes. Thanks to the Josper Grill, the meat is beautifully flavorsome, so much so that one can ignore any accompanying sauce. It’s quite pricy, but worthy for a special occasion.



The chef makes it difficult to opt for a single favorite dessert. For something light on the palate, there’s Limoncello Tiramisu ($14) made with Amalfi Coast’s Lemon Liqueur, Savoiardi biscuits, masarpone and Zabaione cream. Ahh, this zesty treat brought back fond memories from my trip to Positano, a picturesque village along the Amalfi Coast.


One can never go wrong with chocolate.  The Chocolate Tart ($14) features a buttery, crumbly tart base filled with warm hazelnut chocolate, paired with pistachio ice cream. Worth every calorie!


Italians love their Gelato and I’m sure the rest of the world love them too! Grissini offers a wide variety of flavors at $8 per sccop. For the adventurous, there’s Balsamic Vinegar, Parmesan Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Black Truffle and Olive. Those who prefer classics can choose for Chocolate, Pistachio or Vanilla. Personally, I prefer the classic options.


Many thanks to HungryGoWhere for the invite and Grand Copthrone Waterfront Hotel for the warm hospitality.

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