Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow

Spending long hours desk-bound and sleeping on an unsuitable pillow tends to cause neck grief. If these aches and pains have a negative impact on your sleep, Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow may provide you the much needed relief.


At most times, we are not aware that our sleeping positions with an unsuited pillow, causes poor sleeping posture, thereby resulting in knots and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Lack of quality sleep can have a have a negative impact on energy levels, health and mood.

Correct your sleeping posture and alleviate your aches with Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow, which provides support for the neck and keeps the spine comfortably aligned. Benefits of the pillow include:

Good Air Circulation and Heat Dissipation

The unique capsules inside the pillow are hollow, therefore provide better air circulation and does not trap heat. Without heat retention, one can enjoy a better sleep experience.


Pillow Retains Its Height And Does Not Change Shape

Most pillows, after sometime, becomes flatter and hence less comfortable. Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow retains its height throughout the whole night, without compromising comfort and sleep posture.

Flexible Adjustment of Pillow Height

Because everyone’s physique is different, Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow’s height can be increased or decreased to suit your most comfortable neck and head position. Simply insert or remove the capsules in the pillow accordingly.


Uninterrupted, Deep And Quality Sleep As Neck is Aligned At The Optimum Angle

Most pillows do not provide proper sleeping posture, therefore one may have trouble finding the right sleeping position, resulting in poor quality sleep and lethargy the next day. Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow is shaped in a unique manner, such that the neck and head are properly positioned. This leads to deep, uninterrupted and quality sleep.

Relief Neck And Shoulder Pain

By adapting to the right sleeping position every night, neck and shoulder aches caused by poor sleeping posture are alleviated, and posture problems are resolved. Without aches and pains, one can comfortably adopt better postures throughout the day.

Wake Up More Alert And Well-Rested

Achieving uninterrupted sleep by having the correct posture directly benefits your energy levels, attention span and productivity. You’ll also be less accident-prone too!

Hygienic And Allergy-Safe

The pillow is 100% allergy-safe without any harm or risks to those with sensitive skin or dust allergies. The pillow is machine washable. Just bag it in a washing net and pop it into the washing machine. The pillow can be spin-dried or air-dried. Note: DO NOT put it in the dryer.

My Review

As hubby has chronic neck and shoulder aches, I let him try the pillow first. After about 1 week, he reported that he felt lesser aches and pain, and more energetic the next day. I also noticed that he stopped snoring. Now I can enjoy a good night’s slumber too XD

I took a while to get used to the pillow, as the capsules felt hard. In order to avoid wrinkles on the face, I made it a point to sleep upright when using Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow. I like the middle structure of the pillow, because the head can fit comfortably there. No need to waste time and energy adjusting the pillow to create a groove!


Where To Get Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow

MakuraHealth & Neck Support Pillow can be purchased online from Active Hive at $188

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Many thanks to AT Marketing Consultancy for sending the pillow my way!

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