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Ding Dong has relocated from Ann Siang Road to Amoy Street. The new premises features flamboyant interiors with splashy,  colorful walls and an open-concept kitchen that allows patrons to watch their food being prepared.  Alfesco, counter or indoor seats- its completely up to your desire.



Soak in the vibrant atmosphere and sip on a cocktail while waiting for the food to arrive. The refreshed bar programme, concocted by Joe Schofield from Savoy in London, centers on Southeast Asian inspired drinks.


The intriguing fare here, crafted by Chef Jet Lo, features rustic Southeast Asian flavours, jazzed up with eclectic slants. We checked out Ding Dong’s Set Lunch Promotion, which is available not only on weekdays, but also on Saturdays too. You’ll get a starter and main for only $28 and if you wish to finish on a sweet note, you can opt for 3 courses at $35++. Top up $10++ for a glass of wine or beer.

To cater to different preferences, each course has 3 options that diners can choose from.


Whet your appetite with a refreshing Heirloom Tomato Salad, a mix of 6 varieties of the fruit (depending on availability), dressed in a Japanese-inspired sesame sauce. The salad is crowned with a scoop of watercress sorbet, with stands of deep fried crispy beef perched atop. A cool respite from the afternoon heat indeed!

Picture credit: Press kit

Picture credit: Press kit

If you like Thai flavors, munch on Green Papaya Salad, spruced up with a splash of tamarind dressing and succulent grey prawns. A pile of fried shallots, crushed peanuts and crispy shrimp crumble adds more oomph.


The crowd favorite was the Iberico Pork Belly. It may look unadventurous but the flavours and textures were excellent. Sichuan cold cut pork belly is brined overnight, then sous vide for 36 hours. The result is amazingly soft meat, brimming with flavours. The swine was served on a bed of crunchy cucumber salad and finished with chili vinaigrette and garlic powder.



Crispy Pork Belly with Spiced Quinoa, Cashew Nuts and Pineapple Puree is Ding Dong’s modern take on the popular Thai Pineapple Fried Rice. Tumeric-spiced quinoa is employed in replacement of carbs, with some pineapple puree for that touch of sweetness. The Canadian swine belly was marinated in red fermented bean curd, sous vide for 12 hours, and finally deep-fried. The exterior was addictively crispy, however, I wished the meat was more moist.


Spiced Wagyu Short Rib Wrap is an Asian interpretation of Spanish Burrito that should not be missed. Wagyu beef short ribs are braised for 48 hours to render the flesh tender, the pulled and wrapped in homemade pancake along with puff rice. The pancake was a tad tough, but the delectable meat made up for it.


Get your dose of Omega-3 from the healthy Caramelized Mackerel with Lychee and Spring Onion. Spanish mackerel steaks are brined in fish sauce and sugar, then pan-fried to till sugar caramelizes. Mackerel is an acquired taste, and I usually dislike this fish. However, at Ding Dong, the fish is served with soy spring onion sauce, dehydrated lychee and lychee foam which tone down the it’s natural intense flavour.



Craving for a guilt-free palate cleanser? Opt for the Soursop Milk with Chia Seeds, where fresh soursop is complemented with home-made youhurt ice cream, honey chia seeds and crispy milk meringue for textural variation.

Picture credit: Press Kit

Picture credit: Press Kit

Another familiar Asian dessert with modern touches is the Cheng Teng with Dried Longan, a light conclusion to the tasty lunch comprising of fresh longan jelly, aloe vera and sugar cane earl grey soup.


The Salted Caramel, Brownie and Natto didn’t fare too well with me. I felt that the natto (Japanese ferment beans) overwhelmed the lovely flavors of the steamed brownie and salted caramel.


If you like to try interesting dishes that are out of the norm, Ding Dong should be on your list!

Many thanks to Bless Inc for the invite, and Ding Dong for the warm hospitality.

Ding Dong
115 Amoy Street #01-02
Tel: 6557 0189

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