Plank Sourdough Pizza

Following the success of Plank Sourdough Pizza in East Coast, professional baker and patisserie Dean Brettschneider opens another outlet in Namly Estate. Although it’s located in an offbeat spot, Plank Sourdough has other factors working in its favour. The quiet neighborhood is a temporary respite from Singapore’s urban rat race and their hearty and comforting pizza features unique sourdough crusts.


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Plank Sourdough Pizza in Namly Estate shares the same unit as Baker & Cook. The decor is suitably casual and rustic.



We started with Trio of B&C Drips with Crostini ($13.50). Our first impression was wow! The generous serving of crostini, studded with dried mushrooms, seeds and nuts, were precariously stacked like a Jenga Tower. All 3 dips, Lemon Hummus, Red Pepper & Egg Plant and Garlic Tzatziki, were appealing and appetizing.


At Plank, the pizza base is made with the same lengthy fermentation process as their fame Sourdough bread from Baker & Cook.  The same combination of flour is employed, and the dough is fermented for 48h hours at 8°C, using natural wild yeast (levain). Instead of using rolling pins, the dough is pressed out the traditional way, then rained with various toppings. The chef skillfully manages the oven’s wrath to achieve pillowy soft crusts with crispy exterior and subtle tangy flavour.


We chowed on NO. 4 ($23) which comprises of pulled chicken, camembert, cranberry compote, tomatoes, rocket with a drizzle of EVOO. The ingredients’ myriad of flavours blend together to form an interesting  tango of savory and sweet. Once you get to the outer crusts, don’t forget to enjoy it with a drizzle of infused olive oils, which are stationed on each table.


Wash the meal down with Organic Sodas ($5.50) such as Karma Cola, Lemmy Lemondade or Gingerella Ginger Ale. If you prefer some alcohol, NZ craft beer, ciders and Sileni Estate Wine are available as well.


Finish off with a dessert pizza, coffee dessert or sweet treat from Baker & Cook. We wanted to try the Cheese Plank Pizza ($14), which consists of caramelized garlic cream frachie, blue cheese, fig jam, caramelized walnuts and maple syrups. Sounds very attractive, isn’t it? However, because there were only 2 of us of and it would be a struggle to finish it, we went for Plank Affogato ($9.50) instead. The Italian classic comprises of Vanilla ice cream, doused in double shot Allpress espresso, heightened with caramel sauce and toasted almonds. It’s caffeinated bliss with every spoonful!

Baker & Cook’s Lemon Passion fruit Cheesecake ($5.20) boasts rich and smooth texture, but was not at all cloying, thanks to its tangy notes.



Plank Sourdough Pizza is peaceful and unpretentious place for gatherings with family and friends, over excellent pizzas that comfort the stomach and soul.

Many thanks to Plank Sourdough Pizza for the invite.

Plank Sourdough Pizza
64 Namly Place
Bukit Timah
Tel: 6466 2280

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