IZY Dining & Bar

Step into IZY Dining & Bar and immerse yourself in vibrant dining atmosphere. The trendy urban Izakaya is tastefully decked with a lively 11-metre mural composed of Japanese and American pop art, as well as marble tables with gold trimmings.


The ambience here is buzzing, great for after-work drinks, and meals to ease away all the stresses from the daily grind. In celebration of IZY’s third anniversary, a brand new menu has been launched.



We were told that Chef Masaaki and Chef Rintaro place a lot of emphasis on the usage of fresh produce (you won’t find imitation crab meat here) and everything here, right down to the sauces, are prepared from scratch.

We started off with Bayan Cauda ($15), a substantial starter that undoubtedly build for sharing. I usually avoid vegetable platters as its too grassy for me. However, IZY’s delectable white miso sauce, kept warm by a single flame, changed my mind completely. I had to keep reminding myself to save some tummy space for what the chefs had in store for us.


Being a sucker for all things pretty, what took my breath away was the presentation of the Japanese Nokke Roll ($32). The avalanche of Uni, Ikura, fresh and succulent crab flesh cascading atop Negitoro were not only a visual treat, but also spelt decadence that is irresistible to many.


Although the IZY Roll’s ($16) appearance was overshadowed by the Japanese Nokke Roll, it was apparent how much care was put into the dish, to ensure each component, tempura shrimp, tempura asparagus, spicy crab mayo and flying fish roe harmonised with each other to achieve that delectable equilibrium.


You can’t go wrong with Buta Kakuni ($12). I enjoyed the enticing the pork belly immensely, and was amazed that it was not at all oily. The chef explained that he cooked the swine in water for 6 hours to get rid of the oils, before braising for another hour to achieve tender, flavoursome meat.


Chicken Nanban ($9) was another foolproof item. Don’t miss the these perfectly fried pieces of chicken karaage coated with sweet vinegar soy, rollicking in tangy tartar sauce.


There’s no wagyument that the Wagyu Truffle Don ($38) has slices of excellent, melt-in-the-mouth beef. Served warm, the heat allowed the fresh truffle to emit a heavenly aroma, and flavour the meat and rice grains even more intensely. Upon mixing the don up, you’ll discover a hidden surprise, an onsen egg, which melds all the everything together.  So much win!


The standard of desserts are consistent with earlier dishes. Even though you’re stuffed to the brim and ready to wave that little white flag, I highly recommend that you surrender to the Sweet Potato and Vanilla Ice Cream ($15). Sweet potato is scooped up from its skin, mashed, and then mixed with butter, before packing the blend back into the skin and finally, torched for that seductive smoky note. Every spoonful is buttery, creamy and sensational. Portion serves 2.


If you prefer ending light, there’s Maccha Ice Cream ($7) and Goma Ice Cream ($7). Both house-made desserts boast smooth textures. I personally favour the latter.



Set Lunch Menu: On weekdays from 12pm-2pm, IZY offers set lunches starting from $17.

Birthday Promotion: Enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine OR sake (330ml) when you celebrate your birthday (any day of the month). Simply capture your experience at IZY and tag them on Facebook or Instagram.

Many thanks to IZY Dining and Bar for the invite.

IZY Dining & Bar
27 Club Street
Tel: 9678 0027

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