Indulge In Festive Flavours from PrimaDéli, The Cake Specialist

Everyone’s beloved cake specialist PrimaDéli unveils the most divine  desserts just in time for the holiday season. Treat your loved ones to a delicious taste of Christmas with traditional classics updated to suit all palettes. Tapping on generations of baking experience, and using the
finest ingredients, PrimaDéli’s new lineup of show-stoppers are all you need for a sweet celebration.

This year, the ultimate cake to take pride of place in your home is Santa’s Cottage, a handcrafted creation inspired by Father Christmas’s quaint cottage, topped with decadent chocolate truffle cream. Hours are devoted to creating delicate details like chocolate curls that form a little fence, piped cream that depict the texture of a log house, and windows and a door formed from white chocolate.

And what’s a Christmas party without a traditional Yule log cake, a confection consisting ofa rolled, filled sponge cake frosted to resemble the trunk of a tree, and embellished withother edible decorations? PrimaDéli presents two minimalist updates on this festive
favourite with delectable flavours that will capture the hearts of young and old alike.

Furthermore, PrimaDéli has reinterpreted its bestselling Lava Cheese Tarts through two new flavours, just in time for the holidays. Purple Sweet Potato Lava Cheese Tart stars the
mouthwatering superfood that boasts a bold hue and contains a high level of antioxidants. Moreover, its lush texture and subtly sweet flavour meld harmoniously with creamy lava cheese.
Another new addition is Choco Hazelnut Lava Cheese Tart. Chocolate lovers will be won over by the combination of gooey chocolate with silky lava cheese, creating a party of flavours in the


Whether it’s a centrepiece-worthy dessert, perennial favourites like log cakes in myriad
flavours, or savoury pies and even Yuletide cookies — a festive treat from PrimaDéli is
sure to steal the show at any celebration.

This Christmas, PrimaDéli’s treats include the following:

Santa’s Cottage, S$52.90 for approx. 850g – With luscious chocolate truffle cream enveloping layers of rich chocolate sponge, Santa’s cottage comes complete with exquisitely handcrafted log cottage that is sure to be the talking point of your dinner party.


Walkin’ with Santa, $54.90 for approx. 1kg – Hop on board a flavourful journey with Santa as you dig into the moist and rich interior of this chocolate sponge cake. Layered with crunchy toasted hazelnuts and luscious hazelnut cream filling, it is sure to satisfy your palate
throughout the twelve days of Christmas.


Jolly Rudolph, $51.90 for approx. 850g – Get ready for a party in your mouth as this creamy Oreo mousse cake layered with rich chocolate sponge contains crunchy Oreo bits.


White Christmas, S$42.90 for a regular size, and S$53.90 for 1kg – Layered with sweet and tangy strawberry jam fillings glazed in white chocolate ganache, the soft, light and fluffy vanilla sponge interior is sure to be a delight to many Asian palates.


Chocolate Wonderland, S$42.90 for a regular size, and S$53.90 for 1kg – And if you’re looking for something richer, why not go for this moist chocolate sponge cake? It comes filled with delicious blueberry fillings wrapped in a dark chocolate mirror glaze.


Gingerbread Boy and Girl Butter Cookies decorated with colourful icing sugar, S$2.80 each — these crumbly, melt-in-your- mouth cookies are beautifully adorned with frosting to depictthe popular fairy tale characters.


Christmas Cookies, S$19.80 per tin — available in three flavours of double chocolate chip cookies, coffee cookies and lemongrass almond cookies, these crunchy treats are great as gifts or as after-dinner treats. Enjoy 20% off when you buy two tins.


Chef’s Supreme Pie, S$12.90 for a diameter of 16cm and approx. 670g – a splendid mix of chicken, potato and mushroom, flavoured with Chef’s special seasoning and baked to crispy
perfection. Add on a Chef’s Supreme Pie at $9.90 with any Christmas cake purchase.


Get ready for some festive treats this yuletide season as PrimaDéli adds two new flavours to its beloved Lava Cheese Tart range. Purple Sweet Potato and Choco Hazelnut will be
released just in time for Christmas. Original Cheese Tarts are priced at $2.40 while Flavoured ones (Purple Sweet Potato, Choco Hazelnut, and Salted Egg Yolk) are priced at $2.80 each. A box ofthree can be purchased at $7.

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