Artemis Brings The Best In Organic Mediterranean & Sustainable Dining To Singapore’s Sea-BD

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Singapore’s splendor has long been showcased in first-class aviation and now there’s a sky-high dining experience to match – Artemis. Its launch will see the merging of the Hellenistic with hedonistic, as the upscale venue becomes the city’s boarding pass from 9-to-5 desk to Mediterranean zest.

On the corner of Cecil and Cross streets, perched upon the 40th floor of the city’s latest green landmark CapitaGreen and flaunting a 15,000 square feet Sky Forest – complete with the latest addition to the Singaporean skyline, a monolithic red flower.

Waves of flavour from coastal Spain, Southern France, Italy and Greece collide at Artemis, offering guests wood-fired Heirloom produce dishes reminiscent of a seaside lifestyle that Pompeii’s respect to the centuries long trade history in the Mediterranean.

Chargrilled Spanish Octopus, Confit Cherry Tomato, Preserved Lemon ad Pickled Padron Peppers

Chef Fernando Arevalo takes pride in working with artisan suppliers who share the restaurant’s commitment to quality and sustainability, including meats that are grass-fed and hormone-free, to having the largest selection of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes in Singapore.

Flash-blanched prawns, Harissa and Tomato Water

“The Artemis menu maps the journey from farm to fork with the very best of Mediterranean produce. All of this on a rooftop overlooking the Marina Bay skyline. It’s never been done before,” says the GM.

Roasted Iberico Pork with Scallop, Geneva Apple and Buttered Turnips

Patagonian Tooth Fish, Heirloom Cauliflower, Spiced Broth and Olive Oil

The unparalleled Sky Forest dining experience features full sound and light capabilities for corporate presentations, high ceilinged interiors as well as a 100 year-old Spanish olive tree as its centerpiece.

Artemis’s 350-bin wine list features a superb selection of organic and biodynamic wines sourced from around the Mediterranean.

Picture credit: Press kit

Artemis Grill
138 Market Street
#40-01 CapitalGreen (rooftop)
Tel: 6635 8677

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