Kanshoku Ramen Bar Opens at Ion Orchard

Local ramen specialty restaurant Kanshoku Ramen Bar has opened its 3rd outlet at ION Orchard, continuing to allure diners with its signature range of ramen, including the best sellers of Truffle Dry and Truffle Broth Ramen.

The word “Kanshoku” means “to finish eating every last bit of your food” in Japanese. With this philosophy, the owners Melvin and Brendon hope to create a bowl of ramen that can be finished in its entirety without feeling stuffed.

Founded in 2014, Kanshoku Ramen Bar has since come a long way to create an experience that fulfills this ambitious intention. Co-owner Melvin shares, “I am the biggest lover of ramen, but found myself not being able to finish most bowls in Japan. Typically, they can be on the heavier, saltier and oiler side which may not be suitable for local consumers. I wanted to create that bowl that would be enjoyable to the very last bite.”

The creation of a bowl of Kanshoku ramen is an art which requires over 12 hours of work.
The Kanshoku team is proud to declare that their Hakata style ramen is produced fresh in-house daily.

As for the signature broth, it is first toilessly boiled over eight hours with filtered water without the addition of added salt and preservatives. For the charshu, the finest pork belly from Holland with the best meat-to-fats ratio is selected, so that diners will find the slices deliciously soft and palatable, yet not overwhelmingly fatty. The meat is then tenderly marinated over four hours.

Premium eggs from Japan are specially marinated over a day to perfection to complete the ramen bowl.

Every bowl of Kanshoku ramen served is a combination of absolute freshness, the finest ingredient, and passion from the team that they are genuinely proud of.

Kanshoku Ramen’s Specialty Truffle Bowls – Truffle Ramen Dry and Truffle Broth Ramen

Kanshoku Ramen is believed to be the first ramen shop in Singapore to introduce two versions of Truffle Ramen Dry ($16.90) and Truffle Broth Ramen ($17.90).

The idea first came about when the owners had a dish of French style truffle pasta in a fine dining restaurant. Blown away by the taste, they wanted to recreate the dish, and introduce it to the mass market at a much affordable price which would not break the bank.

A bowl of Truffle Ramen Dry made is made up of long, thin and springy Hakata-style noodles made fresh every day. Ingredients include caramelised charshu, onsen egg, kombu, truffle oil, and shaved truffle imported from Italy, using simple but quality ingredients for a balanced, appetising and fragrant bowl.

As to how Kanshoku Ramen Bar keep its prices affordable, they attribute it to the popularity of the Truffle Ramen to help achieve economies of scale and favourable negotiations with the truffle supplies.

The Other Kanshoku Food

Other popular ramen from Kanshoku Ramen bar include Signature Kanshoku Ramen ($13.90), Black Garlic Ramen ($14.90), Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.90), Flaming Hot Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.90), and Shoyu Ramen ($13.90).

This is accompanied with rice dishes of Oyako-don ($9.90), Charshu Charhan ($10.90), Charshu Donburi ($13.90), and a medley of sides of Ohitashi Xiao Bai Cai ($4.90), Black Truffle Edamame ($5.50), Grilled Miso Butter Corn ($4.90), Pork Gyoza ($6.50), Chicken Gyoza ($5.90), Chicken Karaage ($6.90) and Nagoya Chicken Wings ($6.90).

Kanshoku Ramen Bar Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard #B3-18
Tel: 6509 8221

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