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I was recently invited to Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa to indulge in their latest treatment, TCM Bo Jin Therapy. The newly opened outlet at Pacific Plaza is modern and luxurious, with a spacious lounge area for clients to watch the world go by whilst sipping on floral tea.

The treatment rooms, style in accordance to different themes (sea, sun etc), are stunning too!

Founded by Dato Icemichelle Chen 12 years ago, Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa offers East-meet-West beauty treatments. Most facials only work on the epidermis (top most layer of skin), therefore, the skin can only absorb limited amount of nutrients and benefits are short-lived. TCM Bo Jin Therapy dives deep into the dermis, clearing meridian channels blockages and draining metabolic waste toxins to achieve long lasting results.

TCM Bo Jin Therapy originates from China, during the “Period of Three Kingdom”. It was said that the renowned doctor, Hua Tuo, met a young lady with severe skin issues. All his remedies failed to work. One day, he observed a farmer clearing a ditch to allow water to pass through. It dawned upon him that the human meridian channels work just like a ditch. When the meridian channels are blocked with toxins, it would reflect on the skin as acne, spots and wrinkles. Hua Tuo device a tool out of animal joints and worked on the lady’s facial meridian channels and her face condition improved within a month.

Stress lead to cell death, which blocks blood flow, resulting in meridian congestion. Rubbing, dialing and combing techniques open up the facial acupoints and nine facial meridians, thereby clearing meridian blockage.

After removing the makeup and cleaning the skin, the friendly therapist tirelessly worked on my face, in various repetitive motions, with a tool. Personally, I found it rather painful (4/10 on the pain scale). The therapist assured me that this was normal, because it’s the first session and my meridian channels were severely congested.

The therapist did one side of the face to demonstrate the benefits. Take a look at the left side of the face – the contours are noticeably more defined and laugh lines are less deep.

After completing TCM Bo Jin Therapy on the other side of the face, a hydrating algae mask was generously slathered on. I drifted off to lala land while the therapist massaged away the knots in my neck and shoulders.

Post-facial, my face and eyes were lifted, and skin was hydrated and glowing.

Regular treatments of TCM Face Bo Jin Therapy (trial price $98, U.P. $298), along with pure plant essential oils and specific ampoules, naturally improve various skin conditions such as dull skin, sagginess, hyper-pigmentation, anti-aging, wrinkles and acne.

If you’re concerned about panda eyes, TCM Eye Bo Jin Therapy (trial $79, U.P. $198) focuses the delicate area to combat dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines. Clients who are struggling from breakouts may wish to try the TCM Acne Bo Jin Therapy (trial $98, U.P. $298) where treatments are tailor-made to improve health and skin.

Many thanks to AT Marketing Consultancy and Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa for the invite.

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa

Orchard Outlet
9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza
Tel: 6736 1617

Bishan Outlet
Blk 513 Bishan St 13
Tel: 6358 3029

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