Ippin Cafe Bar Launches New Menu

Located along Mohamed Sultan Road, Ippin Cafe Bar is a 3-in-1 Japanese cafe, bar and concept store. 27 year old owner, Ayumi Fujishiro, run this space with much love, that it almost feels like home. Apart from mingling Japanese and local customers, she is also fond of decorating the space with affordable Japanese goods and food products. Ippin Cafe Bar is also takes pride in their home-cooked fare, which Ayumi jokingly terms that are “better than my mom’s!”

From 3rd January onwards, diners can enjoy a new menu, presented by Chef Takanobu Matsuto, who has honed his skills as a head chef of a kaiseki restaurant in Japan with over 100 years of history.

We stared with an appetizing dish of Grilled Pacific Saury with Garlic Oil ($18). Perfectly grilled fish, lying on a bed of fresh greens is great with beer or sake, and is also suitable light meal if you’re feeling peckish. Flavour profile is quite strong, somewhat similar to mackerel.

The Chicken Sukiyaki ($18), my personal favourite that night, is a simple and comforting dish of chicken balls and mixed vegetables. On the side, is a condiment of yam and sesame sauce, which goes very well with the chicken balls. The soup is light on the palate, and one feels no guilt downing it. Comes with a bowl of fluffy Japanese rice and Mini Houjicha Pudding.

Diners can enjoy the Grilled Pacific Saury with Garlic Oil and Chicken Sukiyaki at an promotioal price of $15 each till 28th Feb 2017.

Another dish that will appeal to health conscious folks and soup lovers would be the Shishiori Salmon Chazuke Set ($15). Reminiscent of Japan’s popular salmon porridge, Ippin’s rendition comprises of dashi soup and rice topped with salmon kelp. Pour the soup over the rice and savour the balance of sweet and savory.

The Shishiori Ikura Don Set ($43) won me over with its remarkably fresh salmon roe, imported from Kesennuma fish market, one of the 3 largest fish market in the world. Served with salad, miso soup and mini Houjicha Pudding. Diners can enjoy $5 discount off the set till 28th Feb 2017.

In addition to homely food, there’s plenty of sake to indulge in as well. If you like to try a bit of everything, sake tasting ($15 for set of 3) is also available at Ippin Cafe Bar.

Many thanks to Bllom PR and Ippin Cafe Bar for the invite.

Ippin Cafe Bar
18 #01-01 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel: 6733 4794

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