Crow Of The Crown Chinese New Year Celebrations @ Peony Jade

CNY offerings has always been boisterous at Peony Jade and this year, it’s even bigger and better! Chinese food may not be the trendiest cuisine around, but at this Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant, the chefs never fail to inject ingenuity into presentation as well execution, whilst delighting diner’s taste buds.

For the year of the Fire Rooster, diners can look forward to 2 different Instant Enormous Windfall, Good  Health and Longevity Yu Sheng [金雞献财宝,雞( 机) 会来了撈到风生水起大鱼生] compositions, specially designed for each branch. Peony Jade Clarke Quay spots an intricate piece of artwork, put together with premium seafood such as Canadian lobster, Australian 2-head golden abalone, sliced conch, wasabi prawn roe, in addition to the rare seasonal Buddha’s hand citron, amongst seaweed, jellyfish, pomelo, crispy silver bait, lychee pulp-pops, champagne jelly and caviar, elevated with a secret sweet and citrusy sauce.  Peony Jade’s homemade taro strips, pine nuts and sesame seed provide an addictive crunch to the salad.

For Peony Jade Keppel Club, the Yu Sheng with edible 18k gold leaves, is pieced together with lobster, sliced premium 2-head golden abalone from Australia, sliced conch, sashimi-grade Norwegian salmon, poached blue-swimmer prawns, hand-peeled fresh blue swimmer crabmeat, crabmeat sticks, crispy silver baits, champagne jelly, caviar, lychee pulp-pops, complete with homemade fresh apricot and peach jam dressing, and Peony Jade’s deep-fried thin taro strips. Also comes with roasted pine nuts and toasted sesame seeds for that additional crunch.

Both gluten-free yu shengs are priced at $268.88 each and can feed 10-12 guests. 1-day advance order is required.

Bond with family over Prosperity and Smooth Sailing [玉凤凰展鸿图, 献生财聚宝盆] Australian premium whole abalone Poon Choi. Those who are not a big fan of crowds can dine in their comfort of their homes, without slogging it out in the kitchen. The extravagant dish (available for take-away), brimming with 18 premium ingredients, is impossible not to love! One can look forward to whole 8-head abalone, golden oysters, South African spikes sea cucumber, fresh whole scallops, whole golden dried conpoy, king-sized prawns, fish maw, homemade sea-grouper mousse cake, ½ roasted goose, a whole pork knuckle, roast pork, pork tendons, whole Shiitake mushrooms, fatt choy, taro, beancurd skin, radish, and broccoli, doused in enticing savory sauce.

The Ultimanium Poon Choi Takeaway Set also includes 5 complimentary dishes, namely:

  • Norwegian sashimi-grade salmon Fa Cai Yu Sheng with organic farmed tender radish and golden roe
  • Pot of Abundance Wealth poached black truffle gyoza, bird’s nest and premium fish maw stuffed with minced prawn in rich chicken consommé
  • Poached Sanpa Chicken flavoured in rich dark soya sauce
  • Claypot Jasmine Rice with Chinese sausages and homemade air-dried duck drumstick in lotus leaf
  • Bountiful Treasures chilled cream of golden pumpkin with sago pearls

The Ultimanium Poon Choi Takeaway Set is available in 2 sizes- $468.88 for Mini Premium Pot Package (6 guests) and $698.88 for Premium Pot Package (8-10 guests). That works out to $69-78 per guest, which is excellent value for money! Do note that 1-day advance order is required and all the goodies can be picked up at both Peony Jade restaurants and Takashimaya B2 festive market

Reaping Prosperity [一雞(起) 旺旺,好市好利丰收年] is Chef Liew’s inventive creation, marrying the auspicious symbols with delectable combination of ingredients. Pineapples, which signify wealth and prosperity arriving at the door, are essentials on most dining tables and alters. Chef Liew bakes European trout, enhanced with Australian truffles and chestnuts, in sweet pineapple shells. Best enjoyed with the accompanying rojak sauce- truly a smack down on flavours! The unique dish  is priced at $38.88 per guest (minimum 4 to dine) and available for dine-in only at Peony Jade Keppel Club.

Fancy a fun take on Lunar New Year dishes? Peony Eminence Prosperity [金雞送宝,满载而归,一雞(级)棒!] is a fun take on Lunar New Year dishes. Each “lucky-tori”, inspired by the Japanese skewer classic, features a whole pieces of premium 8-head abalone paired with baked corn-fed chicken fillet with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. The delectable creation is completed with battered king prawn on a bed of mesclun greens. Try this dish at $38.88 per guest (minimum 4 to dine) and available for dine-in only at Peony Jade Keppel Club.

The final savory item we sampled was Bountiful Harvest, which is essentially poached sliced Red Grouper with Wood Ear and Chinese Truffle. The fish itself was very fresh, while the umami broth was comforting and full of layered flavours.

Sweet treats at most Chinese restaurants tend to be an after-thought but not at Peony Jade. Your palates will definitely by charmed by Chef Wong’s handcrafted pastries.

Triumph Harvest, Contentment & Longevity Cheeky Chick Gift Set [雞(机)会来了 ‘一雞(起)发!发!发!’礼盒] Being a sucker for all things pretty, what got me interested was the presentation. Take a look at the adorable figurines for yourself. These melt-in-the mouth salted egg yolk pastries are impossible to resist. The set is priced at $98.88 and serves 8-10 guests. Only 38 boxes of this gift set are available so reserve early to avoid disappointment. Available for dine-in and takeaway at both Peony Jade restaurants and Takashimaya Basement 2.

Durian fans rejoice! Get your fix with Peony Jade’s  signature Wish Fulfilling [年年易高升] gift set, n captivating treat of 100% pure Mao Shan Wang Durian layered with Nian Gao, fashioned in a prosperity gold bar. How apt for the festive season! Priced at $98.88 (8-10 guests)

Alternatively, if you’d like good luck for an upcoming Mahjong session, have a slice of the Overflowing Wealth & Bountiful Harvest Gift Set [王牌寓号,金雞八兴八旺发财礼盒] made using Premium Organic Black Gold Mao Shan Wang Durian. Priced at $188.88 (8-10 guests)

Dine-in set menus, dim sum buffet, festive takeaways and impressive gift sets, Peony Jade has got you covered! CNY offerings are available from 7th Jan to 28th Feb 2017.

Many thanks to 37 Comms for the invite and Peony Jade for the divine meal.

Peony Jade

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Tel: 6276 9138/ 6375 5562

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