Paint The Town Red This Lunar New Year @ Mitzo Restaurant & Bar

This Lunar New Year, celebrate reunions and resplendent feastings in one of Singapore’s sexiest Chinese restaurants. Well-known for its vibrant décor, plush interiors as well as its progressive Cantonese cuisine, Mitzo is all set to impress during the spring festival.

Available from 14 January to 11 February 2017, Executive Head Chef Nicky Ng redefine your Chinese dining experience through the innovative use of ingredients in his Lunar New Year specialties. Diners can continue to look forward to perennial favourites such as the Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yu Sheng or the refreshing Pearls of Longevity Fruits Yu Sheng for diners who preferred a lighter or vegetarian version. The ubiquitous Pen Cai gets an update with 3 varieties – the Prawn Fortune Pot, Lobster Fortune Pot and newly added Grouper Fortune Pot, all braised in Mitzo’s homemade broth. Reunion Set Menus ranging from $128++ per person to S$1,288++ for a table of 10 are available to cater for both intimate gatherings and jovial families’ get-together.

Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yu Sheng
S$68++ (Regular for 4-6 persons) / S$108++ (Large for 10 persons)

Mitzo’s rendition of this quintessential festive dish comes in a magnificent platter served up with a side of drama. To signify the exuberant start to the year, Chef Nicky Ng’s savoury Chu Hou
sauce (a homemade concoction comprising of soybeans, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds and
spices) is blended and shaken in a cocktail shaker before being poured over a vibrant mix
of carrots, radish, crispy vermicelli, ginger, slivers of crispy lotus root and fragrantly toasted
pistachios. Crispy salmon skin is also added for an extra crunch. This is served with generous
lashings of Kanpachi Kingfish, which is both sweet and rich in flavour, and is long prized by
the Japanese as one of the finest sashimi fish. The Kanpachi sashimi sits atop a sea of lychee
caviar; so one can taste bursts of refreshing lychee sweetness in between bites. The play on
textures and flavours makes this Yu Sheng a one of a kind experience this Lunar New Year.

Diners who prefer a lighter or vegetarian option can opt for the Pearls of Longevity Fruits Yu Sheng (Regular S$38++ / Large S$68++); a healthy and refreshing combination of mango, rock melon, honeydew, pomelo and pomegranate. This is topped with crispy enoki mushroom and slender slices of springy Konjac (Konnyaku) jelly; which has an uncanny resemblance to the raw fish slices in the ubiquitous Yu Sheng. This refreshing platter is served with a light and tangy sauce of persimmon, salted prune, osmanthus syrup and rice vinegar combined to balance
the sweetness of the fruits.

Superior Fortune Pot
King Prawn Fortune Pot: S$338++ (Regular for up to 6 persons) / $588++ (Large for
up to 10 persons)
Grouper Fortune Pot: S$438++ (Regular for up to 6 persons) / $788++ (Large for up
to 10 persons)
Lobster Fortune Pot: S$538++ (Regular for up to 6 persons) / $988++ (Large for up
to 10 persons)

Staying true to tradition and laden with over 10 luxurious ingredients, the Pen Cai at
Mitzo gets an update with 3 varieties to choose from – retaining the popular King
Prawn Fortune Pot and luxurious Lobster Fortune Pot with the Grouper Fortune Pot as a
new addition.

Suitable for the family with its indulgent amalgamation of classic Chinese delicacies including abalone, dried scallop, flower mushroom, sea cucumber, fish maw, dried oyster, bean curd, cabbage, lotus root, roasted duck and “fatt choy”, topped with crispy roast pork belly, this delicacy not only symbolizes goodness and auspicious meanings but also boasts the ultimate in taste. Labouring over the stove for seven hours, each ingredient is simmered with Mitzo’s  homemade broth comprising of a mixture of Chu Hou sauce and baked pig bone broth for a greater complexity in flavours and fragrances.

Mitzo’s Reunion Set Menus
Celebrate reunions with your loved ones with a feast through Mitzo’s curated set
menus for the Lunar New Year. Set menus cater for pairs of 2 to groups of 10 people,
ranging from S$128++ per person to S$1,288++ per table.

Prosperity Delights Sets
(S$128++ per person or S$888++ for a table of 6)
For small groups, satiate your appetite with a comforting Double boiled fish maw
soup with pumpkin, bamboo pith and chicken; along with Tea-smoked crispy duck in
plum sauce; Sea cucumber with six-head abalone, dried oyster, mushroom, radish
stuffed with dried scallop and seasonal greens; and a dessert of Dual cream of sweet
potato served with golden pineapple bag – Mitzo’s rendition of the must-have
pineapple tart during Lunar New Year.

Auspicious Harvest Sets
(From S$1,388++ for a table of 10)
Toss up with the Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yu Sheng, along with highlights
such as Steamed lobster topped with black and white garlic in superior soya sauce, Crispy duck with enoki in herbal sauce; and Lobster meat fried rice with pork liver and pork preserved sausage. Round up your meal on a sweet note with Mitzo’s Homemade Koi Fish Nian Gao.

Fortune Feast Sets
(From S$1,288++ for a table of 10)
Feast in a starter of Mitzo’s Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yu Sheng, served with highlights of the menu that offers the option of Prawn, Grouper or Lobster Fortune Pots; together with either a Steamed ‘Soon Hock’ fish with minced ginger in soya sauce or Truffles lobster and prawn noodles. Double the happiness with sweet endings as all sets conclude with both the Dual cream of sweet potato served with golden pineapple bag and Mitzo’s Homemade Koi Fish Nian Gao.

Festive Goodies & Takeaway Specials
Bring the Lunar New Year celebrations home for a more intimate experience or as a thoughtful gift to your loved ones and business colleagues with Mitzo’s special festive goodies and takeaways, available as follows:

• Pearls of Abundance Salmon Yu Sheng (S$48+ for Regular, S$88+ for Large)
• Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yu Sheng (S$68+ for Regular, S$108+ for Large)
• Pearls of Longevity Fruits Yu Sheng (S$38+ for Regular, S$68+ for Large)
• King Prawn Fortune Pot (S$338+ for Regular, S$588+ for Large)
• Grouper Fortune Pot (S$438+ for Regular, S$788+ for Large)
• Lobster Fortune Pot (S$538+ for Regular, S$988+ for Large)
• Mitzo’s Homemade Koi Fish Nian Gao (S$28+ each)

All takeaway Yu Sheng is thoughtfully packed with a mini cocktail shaker for diners to
bring home the unique Mitzo’s Yu Sheng tossing experience.

Call 6603 8855 or email for reservations or enquiries.

Mitzo Restaurant and Bar
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