Joyden Concepts Launches Contemporary Pomelo Feast for CNY 2017

For the Year of the Fire Rooster, homegrown restaurant brand Joyden Concepts offers Lunar New Year dishes anchoring around Pomelo, a prosperous fruit that symbolizes good fortune and abundance.

It’s evident that the team at Joyden is passionate and takes pride in serving high quality dishes. The preparation of Pomelo Pith is a painstaking process that stretches over days. Only pomelos that pass stringent requirements are selected. Next, the pith is meticulously separated from the skin and fruit. The final step involves soaking and washing the pomelo pith for days to clean and remove all traces of bitterness and tartness. The result? Refreshing, tender yet full-bodied pith that complements many Chinese dishes!

We started the meal in the traditional festive fashion-raising our chopsticks to toss to our way to a prosperous new year. Joyden’s Festive Yu Sheng with Abalone & Salmon Sashimi 鲍鱼鲑鱼捞起 is prepped with julienne vegetables, pomelo fruit,  pickled ginger and jelly fish.  The zesty homemade sauce awakens the appetite for more to come. Available for both in and takeaway.

The following items we sampled, are part of the various set menus offered at Joyden Treasures, Joyden Seafood and Joyden Kitchen.

The Lobster & Fish Maw with Pomelo Pith in Premium XO Sauce 柚子皮XO龙虾鱼鳔 is a dynamite dish that will appeal to many. Fresh, succulent deep sea lobster, are conveniently de-shelled, so that one does not need to waste time struggling and can dive straight into enjoying it. The plump pomelo pith, absorbs the unrestrained flavors well. One word. Divine!

The classic steamed fish dish is something that can never go wrong. Fresh, snowy flesh doused in a mouth-watering sauce jazzed up with Mandarin peel, what’s there not to love?  The Steamed Soon Hock in Superior Sauce and Ginger & Mandarin Peel 陈皮丝蒸顺福鱼 is simple yet, so satisfying. Just gimme a bowl piping hot rice and I’m a happy gal!

In came the Crispy Roasted Duck with Traditional Hakka Red Wine Sauce 红糟客家脆皮鸭 and out went all diet thoughts. Just look at that glistening, crisp skin and tender meat. I bet you wanna lick the screen right now. The duck taste great alone, but the Hakka red wine sauce elevated it to a higher level. Two thumbs up!

Apart from the Yu Sheng and the luxurious lobster dish, another Chinese New Year delicacy that should not be missed is the Braised Sea Cucumber with Pomelo Pith & Broccoli 海参柚子皮扒西兰花. Pomelo pith grace the taste buds once again, this time lightly poached in superior broth for that umami mouthful. The sea cucumber is slow-braised in rich seafood broth to achieve that treasured gelatinous texture, whilst fragrant mushrooms lend an aromatic touch. Who says healthy food can’t taste good?

The Crab Meat Longevity Noodle 蟹肉伴面线 is the perfect carb for lavish banquet meals. I appreciate its lightness and one does not feel overwhelmed even after finishing a full bowl. Try it in its original state, then with some vinegar and finally belachan sauce. Savor the mee sua strands with the condiments slowly to investigate its intricacies. No judgment if you reach for a second serving!

Joyden Treasures Traditional Homemade Nian Gao 福寿康宁 年糕 is definitely not your typical Chinese New Year’s cake. In this rendition, nian gao, along with sweet potato are cocooned in a crumbly crust. This is my first encounter Nian Gao with crumbly exterior and I’ve gotta say it a welcomed change from the norm.

If you prefer a refreshing conclusion to the meal, opt for the Chilled Hashima with Pomelo Pith, Pear & Chuan-Bei 雪蛤川贝柚子皮炖津梨. Pomelo pith’s curtain call creation shows just how versatile the auspicious ingredient can be. And those slices of sweet, juicy pears are definitely worth checking out!

At Joyden Concepts, you can feel a lot of attention does into every dish they sell. Prices are reasonable for the quality of ingredients and skillful execution. Below are details of the extensive set menus offered at each restaurant, specially tailored for small to large families.

Joyden Treasures
5 Stadium Walk, #02-42, Leisure Park Kallang
Tel: 6446 8488

Joyden Seafood
12 West Coast Walk #01-11, West Coast Recreation Centre
Tel: 6779 5355

Joyden Canton Kitchen
4 Hillview Rise #02-21, HillV2
Tel: 6465 9988

Joyden Concepts dine-in and takeway CNY offerings are available from 9th Jan to 11 Feb 2017. Prices for takeway items are as below:

A.Prosperity Salmon Yu-Sheng 鲑鱼发财捞起
i. Regular Size (5-6 Persons) $58+
ii. Large Size (8-10 Persons) $88+

B. Prosperity Sliced Abalone Yu Sheng 鲍鱼发财捞起
i. Regular Size (5-6 Persons) $88+
ii. Large Size (8-10 Persons) $128+

C.Prosperity Sliced Abalone and Salmon Yu-Sheng鲍鱼鲑鱼捞起
i. Regular Size (5-6 Persons) $78+
ii. Large Size (8-10 Persons) $148+

D. Joyden Bountiful Treasure Pot* 山珍海味柚皮盆菜
i. Regular Size (5-6 Persons) $298+
ii. Large Size (8-10 Persons) $438+

E. Joyden Traditional Homemade Nian-Gao 福寿康宁年糕
i. 6 Inch Regular Size $18.80+/Piece

Many thanks to Joyden Concepts for the invite.

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