Folding Rice Debut As the Latest Authentic Nasi Lemak Eatery With A Contemporary Concept

Folding Rice unveils its latest concept of presenting authentic flavours of Nasi Lemak with a twist. Launched by the Arteastiq Group, the quaint eatery located at Junction Nine along Yishun Avenue 9 truly brings out the kampung boy or girl in you.

Folding Rice’s is a new brand under Arteastiq Group. Founder, Ivan Teo, discovered a way
to translate the traditional grandmother’s secret recipe and fully capture the flavours of nasi
lemak that you could get easily back in the old days. Each component, including the coconut
rice, fried chicken, grilled chicken, fried prawns, fish and the most important and complex
sambal chilli, are all made from signature recipes unique to Folding Rice.

At Folding Rice, you can expect to be surprised by the array of flavours available. The coconut rice is carefully prepared with a well-measured combination of pandan leaves and coconut milk paste. The Fried Chicken is also a number that adds to the unique flavour at Folding Rice. Instead of using generic batter, the chicken is marinated twice with Folding Rice’s exclusive spice mix, which includes hints of cumin, fennel, coriander and ginger.

The Spicy Black Chicken is definitely not to be missed. Having been passed down from
generations, this versatile chicken can be prepared through grilling, frying, or broiling, and
although it is prepared with dark sauce and chilli, it is not too spicy. All of the items at Folding Rice are marinated in advance and prepared to perfection. In particular, their fried prawns are tastefully prepared with the Chinese 5-spice ingredient, adding some variety to the traditional flavours.

The star of the show, Sambal Belachan, is a belachan recipe unique to Folding Rice. It uses
dried chilli, and a handmade version of belachan instead of store bought options. This spicy
sauce packs a punch and completes the kampung Nasi Lemak experience.

The Menu

Set A $3.80: Includes Coconut Rice, Chicken Wing, Ikan Bilis, Sambal & Cucumber (+ $0.50
for Chicken Thigh). A simple and basic combination, Set A is a quick and easy fix to satisfy your cravings!


Set B $5.80: Includes Coconut Rice, Spicy Black Chicken, Sunny Side Up, Ikan Bilis,
Sambal & Cucumber. Change things up by trying our specialty Spicy Black Chicken! The aromatic flavours will come together to float you to your comfort zone.


Set C $5.80: Includes Coconut Rice, Fried Chicken Wing, Sunny Side Up, Ikan Kuning, Ikan
Bilis, Sambal & Cucumber (+ $0.50 for Chicken Thigh). For a more traditional take, try Set C to
pull out all the stops in the kampung experience. Our well-marinated fried items
are sure to hit the right spots!


Set D $7.80: Includes Coconut Rice, Fried Chicken Wing, 2 Fried Prawns, Sunny Side Up,
Ikan Bilis, Sambal & Cucumber (+ $0.50 for Chicken Thigh). Set D includes a new player, the fried prawns at Folding Rice will definitely create an impression on you. Try it out to
find out why!


Folding Rice also serves up a special drink, Teh Sarbat, or Ginger Milk Tea, that is not so
commonly found at Nasi Lemak eateries. The full-flavoured tea compliments the coconut
flavours and rounds up the meal nicely. They also serve traditional hot coffee and tea as well as bottled soft drinks and mineral water.

Paying homage to the traditional presentation of Nasi Lemak, Folding Rice takes inspiration
from the origami folding method to put an aesthetic touch to its interior and upbeat food
presentation. Without compromising authentic flavours, this new eatery serves up a fine plate of nostalgia that keeps up with the modern Singaporean lifestyle.

Folding Rice
Junction Nine
18 Yishun Ave #01-19

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