Si Chuan Dou Hua 6-Course Menu Promotion @ PARKROYAL Kitchener Road

Till 30th April 2017, Si Chuan Dou Hua at PARKROYAL Kitchener Road presents a show-stopping 6 course menu at only $68++ per person, or $78++ for 2 diners (minimum 4 persons to dine).  So you have 4 in your party, it works out to be only $39++ per pax.  Add in the compulsory tea and pickles and that totals to $44++ per pax. This is unbeatable value for the quality and variety that is offered, especially when handcrafted dim sum and unlimited dessert buffet are part of the feast.

1st Course: Art Of Dim Sum

The meal started on the right note with 8 appetizing morsels.

1) Siew Mai with Abalone- nice bouncy texture with an abalone atop, what more can one ask for?

2) Prawn Dumpling

3) Hakka Dumpling

4) Spicy Chicken, Yam and Beancurd Skin- Be warned, this is spicy! My tongue was on fire and was breaking out in prespiration but the chicken was so fragrant and well fried I COULD NOT STOP.

5) Nostalgic Pork Belly Bun- Baked to a crisp polo crust which constrast with soft and fully bun beneath. The pork belly filling is tender, moist and sweet without being overly cloying.

6) Truffle Xiao Long Bao- Doubt anyone can resist these aromatic little parcels!

7) Fragrant Yam Cake with Waxed Meat

8) Marinated Rice Noodls Roll with Shredded Duck

2nd Course: Combination Of Four Delicacies

A Chinese cold patter that comprises of Chilled Chicken in Spicy Bean Paste, Wasabi Mushrooms, Marinated Jelly Fish and Sliced Suckling Pig. The lattermost was most impressive as the crackling was extremely addictive. I’m not a big fan of the layer of fat though, but that’s not a big deal as the fat can be easily scrapped away.

3rd Course: Double-boiled Cartilage with FIsh Maw

Chinese soup lovers rejoice! The cartilage soup with fish maw here is double-boiled over slow fire for 7-8 hours, which explains why the broth’s creamy consistency and lovely flavour. This feels really fortifying and nourishing. Love the presentation in the claypot, kept warm with flames.

4th Course: Hong Kong Steamed Sliced Turbo Fish in Soy Sauce

Executive Chef Leung Wing Chung’s discerning taste is evident in his selection of fish. Here, the highly prized fish, Turbot,  is simply prepared steamed with soy sauce to allow its freshness and pristine flavor to shine.

5th Course:  Signature Bean Curd Medley

This bean curd dish comprises of a combination of an assortment of bean curds.  Fried Bean Curd, Bean Curd Skin and Yellow Soy Beans are stacked atop a bed of silky homemade bean curd, then completed with minced meat and vegetables.  Who would have expected that a humble bean curd this could be so good? I can see this being a hit with both kids and adults.

6th Course: Fish Paste “Mee Swa” Soup in “Shun De” Style in Gueridon Service

No Chinese Meal is complete without carbs. Rolled in on a trolley service, Chef Leung new creation is noodles in fish broth boiled for several hours with soy bean, finished with accompaniments such as Mud Carp fish paste, Pearl Garoupa, Sakura Prawns and black moss.  My dining companions and I felt that the noodles were more similar to vermicelli rather than mee sua.

Conclusion: Dessert Fantasy in Buffet Style

Dessert tend to be an afterthought at Chinese restaurants but Sichuan Dou Hua set itself apart with a spread of excellent desserts.

1) Sponge Cake with Honey Comb Cake
2) Hawthorn with Peach Rein Pudding
3) Yam Pudding
4) Crispy Chinese Walnut Cookies
5) Crispy Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls
6) Chilled Osmanthus Jelly with Honey
7) Chilled Almond Jelly with Red Beam
8) Double-boiled Pear & White Fungus with Osmanthus
9) Homemade Bean Curd with Wolfberry
10) Cream of Fresh Mango with Pomelo
11) Mixed Fresh Fruit

My top picks are the signature silky Homemade Bean Curd with Wolfberry, comforting Sponge Cake with Honey Comb Cake, refreshing Chilled Osmanthus Jelly with Honey and Crispy Chinese Walnut Cookies  that literally melt-in-the-mouth.

I doubt you’ll be able to find another restaurant that can offer a set menu with such variety and quality at a wallet-friendly price. Gather your family and friends and treat yourself to a rewarding meal at Si Chuan Dou Hua at PARKROYAL Kitchener Road today! The 6-course menu promotion is available daily, for both lunch and dinner.

Many thanks to The Influencer Network and Si Chuan Dou Hua at PARKROYAL Kitchener Road for the invite.

Si Chuan Dou Hua
PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road
181 Kitchener Road
Tel: 6428 3170

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