Provincial Homemade Wheat Noodles & Dumplings @ Silk Road

From now till 31 May, Silk Road presents a selection of handmade wheat noodles and dumplings by Inner Mongolia Chef Jack Huang, at wallet friendly prices ranging from $8 to $14. Chef Huang has 17 years of experience as a noodle chef and has cut his teeth at several international hotel brands. He’s also an accomplished artist, which explains the elegant aesthetics in his dishes.

Check out the watermelon carving and hand painted lamps by Chef Huang. Breathtaking!

The Knife-shaved Noodle with Braised Pork Belly ($10) definitely left an indelible impression. The ribbons of noodle, which are shaped like willow leaves courtesy of Chef Huang’s skilful shaving technique, boasts irresistibly silky and chewy texture. The wheat noodles are topped with mouth-watering pork belly, which have been braised in a medley of herbs, spices and Sichuan chilli paste for more than 2 hours.

The Handmade Noodle with Special Braised Beef ($12) was excellent too.  This longevity noodles are often spotted during auspicious celebrations such as birthdays and weddings in the Shanxi province. The strands are accompanied with fork-tender beef meticulously braised with angelic root, bay leaf, cardamom, star anise and dried chilli. Every bite is never dull!

On hot days, go for the refreshing Chilled Noodle with Sichuan Pepper Sauce ($8). Freshly minced pork belly is pan-fried with fragrant herbs and spices over a slow fire for 20 minutes, then incorporated into peanut and cashew nut paste. A drizzle of Sichuan pepper oil, sesame oil and chilli oil imparts an additional dimension to the humble dish.

There’s something intrinsically satisfying about the Pan-fried Shanxi Dumpling ($14). Unlike conventional parcels, this rendition has open edges which allows juicy pork broth to flow out during the pan-frying process. The result? Irresistible golden, crispy and flavorsome exterior!

Sink your teeth into the Fish Paste Dumplings ($12), a traditional dish that’s never absent at special celebrations and family reunions. The healthy dumplings are prepared using fresh fish meat, ginger, spring onion and pepper, blended into a paste. Fresh carrot extract is employed for that pretty orange-hued skin.

Apart from the Handmade Noodle & Dumpling Menu, Silk Road also serves an extensive variety of classic Sichuan, Shanxi, Liaoning and Beijing dishes.

Chilled Chicken in Spicy Bean Sauce ($11), aka Saliva Chicken, which certainly up to its name. The appetizing and spicy sauce will induce sniffles, for sure!

Chilled Cucumber with Garlic Sauce ($8)

Sliced Pork with Cucumber on Rack ($14).

Deep-fried Prawn with Wasabi and Crispy Potato ($28)

Traditional Mapo Tofu ($16)

Many thanks to Amara Singapore for the invite.

Silk Road Restaurant
164 Tanjong Pagar Road Level 2 Amara Singapore
Tel: 6227 3848

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