Yoogane Celebrates 3rd Anniversary in Singapore with New Dishes

Established in 1981, Yoogane has won the hearts of locals and tourists with their signature Chicken Galbi, marinated in accordance to a secret recipe of sauces and seasoning.  For peeps who have not visited Korea, I’m sure many would have noticed Yoogane in K-dramas!

Since the inaugural Singapore restaurant at Bugis Junction,  Yoogane has gone from strength to strength, with the fifth outlet opening at NEX just a couple of weeks ago. To celebrate the third anniversary in the Lion City, Yoogane has launched several new dishes that will definitely delight your taste buds.

The ever-popular Cheese Chicken Galbi ($55.90) gets an update with new dip options for just a couple of dollars extra: Cheesy Mushroom, Corny Cheese and Cheesy Eggwash. Can’t make up their mind on which dip to have? Go for the Cheesy Duet Chicken Galbi ($59.90) where you’ll get half a rim of cheesy mushroom and corny cheese as pictured below.

Diners can be assured of authenticity, as the Chicken Galbi’s unique sauces are flown in from Yoogane Korea. The owners and chefs trained for months in Seoul, mastering skills to ensure the dishes served in Singapore achieve the standard and consistency of their Korean counterparts.

Not only did I like the novelty of the staff cooking the Chicken Galbi at our table, I also loved the various toppings we could add to the pan. Yes, the rice cakes are nice, but the sweet potato rice cakes are EVEN BETTER! Don’t forget to try these purple-hued babies!

Dorisak, Korean traditional lunchboxes, are humble but nutritious meals packed in tin boxes. Yoogane adds a touch of nostalgia to their menu with not 1, but 3 varieties of Dorisak. Busy bees who need a quick but satisfying meal can choose from the wallet-friendly Chicken Galbi Dorisak ($12.90), Chicken Bulgogi Dosirak (12.90) and Beef Bulgogi Dorisak ($13.90). All dorisaks also include crispy chicken lunchon, a sunny side-up egg, Korean fishcakes, stir-fried Kimchi, seaweed and anchovies to go with fragrant rice. Give the tin box a good shake and enjoy the myriad of flavours!

There’s also an option for health-conscious folks who wish to have a guilt-free experience of the famous Chicken Galbi. The Galbi Salad ($12.90) spots tasty chicken nesting on greens, sliced cucumbers, corn and Julienne carrots drizzled with sesame dressing. A single poached egg completes the low-calorie dish. Simple, but gratifying!

Apart from the new dishes, we also sampled well-loved sides such as Korean Style Seafood Pancake  ($18.90) and fluffy Egg Roll ($10.90-$12.90) with crunchy chopped vegetables. Do note that unlike many Korean restaurants, Yoogane’s seafood pancake is thin and crisps. I personally prefer this sort as there’s more ingredients and less flour.

Yoogane also offers free-flow banchan and an assortment of Sojus, sodas and teas to go with their yummy food.

Yoogane’s ambience is friendly, food is delicious and prices are reasonable. Highly recommended for social gatherings and family meals. .

Many thanks to HungryGoWhere for the invite and Yoogane for the warm hospitality.

Yoogane Singapore

313 Orchard Road #B3-37/38
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6634 1840

200 Victoria Street #02-47/48
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6337 7337

23 Serangoon Central #B1-28/29
Singapore 556083
Tel: 6634 2887

4 Tampines Central 5 #01-33A
Singapore 529510
Tel: 6544 1098

3 Gateway Drive #03-08
Singapore 608532
Tel: 6710 7821

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