Seorae Unveils New Menu Offerings

Popular Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurant SEORAE has upped its game with tantalising new additions that will definitely excite your taste buds.

“Korean meals are meant to be share. It is with this philosophy that we introduced new signatures and lunch sets that are perfect for sharing. Having established ourselves as the go-to Korean Charcoal BBQ for the finest ingredients and produce, the newly-revamped menu allows us to offer a truly unique dining experience for our patrons that are both authentic and social” said Chef Chul Park, Founder of SEORAE.

On chilly days, I’m sure many would appreciate a comforting army stew. SEORAE’s Budae Jigae ($35.90),  comprises of sausage, spam, bacon, fish cake, tteokboki, beans, and fresh vegetables in special Gochujang spicy sauce. Leave it to simmer a little longer in the pot if you prefer a thick and rich stew. Apart from being value for money (portion is large enough to be shared among 2), diners can get $9 off the army stew’s ala carte price when 2 regular grilled meats are ordered.

If you can’t get enough of Korean rice cakes, go for the Cheese Mandu Tteobokki ($35.90). In this trendy dish, chewy Korean rice cakes doused in SEORAE’s hot sauce, are accompanied by appetizing side dishes such as fried fish cake, egg, corn-cheese dumpling, ramyeon and refreshing pineapple. Savour the impeccable combo at an unhurried pace, as the items remain warm on the hot pan. Just like the Budae Jigae, the Cheese Mandu Tteobokki is meant be enjoyed with a dining companion, and is priced at $26.90 when 2 regular grilled meats are ordered.

Get your dose of Korean street food at SEORAE! It’s difficult to resist skewers with fillings such as spicy enoki, kimchi and melted cheese, wrapped in Samgyeobsal (premium pork belly) or Woosamgyeob (US prime beef short plate). The 9 varieties (Cheese Samgyeobsal, Cheese Woosamgyeob, Kimchi Samgyeobsal, Kimchi Woosamgyeob, Spicy Enoki Samgyeobsal, Enoki Woosamgyeob, Pork Cocktail Sausage, Beef Cocktail Sausage, Pyogo Buseot) are grouped into a pork-themed selection (Samgyeobsal KKochi Platter) and beef-themed assortment (Woosamgyeob Platter). For the fickle-minded, the Mix Kkochi Platter will be an excellent choice. All platters are priced at $21.90 each, but reduces to $14.90 with a minimum order of 2 regular priced grilled meats.

Don’t worry, the signatures are still on the menu, to cater to longstanding diners. A must-order is the Garlic Soy Galmaegisal ($21.90), a premium cut of pork skirt meat beautifully marinated in a secret blend of Korean spices. Because pork skirt meat is a rarity (forming only 250 grams between the ribs and belly of a fully-grown pig) only Korean Royals were entitled have it in the past. Since SEORAE’s opening in 2015, the Galmaegisal has become a hot favourite. Yes, the hype is true! I highly recommend the juicy and tender Garlic Soy Galmaegisal, scented with tinges of smoky aroma imparted by the burning charcoal. Absolutely sublime!

Brace your palates for the Spicy Samgyobsal ($17.90), where succulent pork belly is marinated spicy sauce. This never fails to make my heart flutter!

Apart from the yummy banchan, the grilled meats are accompanied with grilled kimchi, silky egg and cheese dip lining the circumference of the hot plate.

Another crowd favourite is the Sundubu Jjigae ($14.90), a bubbling spicy seafood stew with minced pork, clams, fresh vegetables and eggs. Comes piping hot so be careful as you dig in!

A Korean meal is not complete without a tipple! The new Pineapple Cocktail is a refreshing beverage featuring pineapple juice spiked with soju, presented in a pineapple husk.

To be good is one thing. To be always good is another. SEORAE nails it. Each and every time!


On weekdays 11.30am-3pm, tuck into affordable lunch sets from $10.90 or enjoy a smokeless BBQ lunch, expertly grilled to perfection by your server, at 30% off.

Another attractive promotion is the Ultimate Set which is available all day.

Many thanks to Bless Inc Asia and SEORAE for the invite

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68 Orchard Road
Tel: 9181 2709

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