Say Cheese! With New Homegrown Tea Brand LiHO

Cheese Yam Smoothie

RTG Holdings, an established food and beverage (F&B) group in Singapore, today unveiled LiHO, a new homegrown tea brand. The brand is set to become Singapore’s leading tea beverage franchise, with over 80 stores island-wide by June, marking one of the largest launch rollouts for an F&B brand.

Cheese and Tea – a match made in Singapore
LiHO’s signature cheese tea is tailored specially for local taste buds, differentiating it from other tea beverage brands in Singapore and across Asia. This unique and proprietary flavour, which counts gouda as one of its ingredients, was the result of months of research and development with another local F&B leader.

The cheese mix is delivered to the outlets, where LiHO’s staff will mix it in small batches regularly with fresh ingredients such as fresh milk, to ensure that the quality of its cheese toppings maintained at the highest degree.


Cheese Jing Syuan Tea

Cheese Ovaltine Smoothie

Packaging To Level Up your Cheese Tea Appreciation
Besides its exclusive cheese tea offerings, LiHO’s cup lids set them apart from other bubble tea brands. Instead of conventional plastic cup seals, LiHO has a sturdier, specially-designed lid with a resealable spout, so customers can enjoy the cheese topping without having to break the plastic seal.

In addition, to make it more convenient for people to enjoy both their cheese and tea at the same time, there is a separate opening for the straw so that customers can simultaneously taste the tea below the cheese topping. Customers are encouraged to find their own preferred way of enjoying their favourite LiHO drink – they can choose to Gulp It!, Slurp It!, Mix It!, or try a combination of any.

A Local Product From Leaf To Brew
LiHO is RTG Holdings’ first homegrown foray into the F&B industry. Dedicated to making delicious cheese tea available to Singaporeans, the company has invested approximately S$1 million on rolling out 80 stores in a month. This includes outfitting select outlets with power points and USB ports, for customers to charge their devices while waiting for their drinks.

“Having acquired 8 years of experience, it has been my desire to eventually start a homegrown tea brand. Tea drinking is an Asian pastime, and in Singapore we have our own way of drinking tea.

Instead of using the recipes of others, I wanted to carve our own niche,” said Mr Rodney Tang, Managing Director, RTG Holdings.

He added: “As a truly Singaporean brand, LiHO aims to not only design unique tea drinks catered to local taste buds, but to support other homegrown businesses by using locally-sourced ingredients.”

Besides LiHO, RTG Holdings manages other brands such as NeNe Chicken, Paik’s Bibim, Paik’s Coffee, Bornga, Tino’s Pizza and Woo Ricebox. The group will not be continuing its franchise of Gong Cha in Singapore, and will instead focus on finding its forte in the local bubble tea scene with LiHO.
Meanwhile, RTG Holdings is also working on its second F&B brand, Rabbit & Fox, a café concept that is slated for launch by 2017.


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