Stellar at 1-Altitude Unveils Tajima Wagyu Offerings

Passionate about using only the best ingredients from around the world, Stellar at 1-Altitude up the ante by becoming the first restaurant in Singapore to rear it’s own Wagyu cattle. Stellar’s Tajima crossbred Wagyu cattle originates from Japan’s Hyogo prefecture, and roams in Australia’s premium Wagyu farm Tiana Park, located in the Riverina region of New South Wales.

The cattle are fed a specially formulated Japanese diet that is free from Hormone Growth Promotant (HGP), for a minimum of 400 days. Its increased marbling enhances the ratio of healthier mono-saturated fats, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. What’s even better? Tajima Wagyu is lower in cholesterol than regular beef. Tajima crossbred Wagyu is known for its exceptional quality, distinctive marbling and flavor, claiming top honors in the 2017 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition.

We embarked on the culinary adventure with a Homemade Vegemite Amuse Bouche, where piquant Aussie spread is encased within puff cracker. A basket of warm Charcoal Sourdough swiftly arrived. Spread some French smoked butter on the soft bread, or savour it with condiments such salted cod and pickled red radish. The basket was emptied quickly.

The tasting session alternated between 3 Tajima Wagyu dishes from The Antipodes Menu ($190++ per person) and new seasonal signatures that can be found in the Constellations Menu ($130++ per person).

I doubt anyone can resist this silky smooth Seared Hokkaido Scallop, accentuated with pancetta puree and morcilla (Spanish  blood sausage) crumbs. Accompanying the plump scallop is a colossal Belon Oyster imported from France.

On a budget but can’t do without Wagyu?  Don’t deprive yourself! Go for tri-tip, an affordable cut at the bottom of sirloin that boasts a distinctive taste. This Josper-grilled Wood-Fired Tajima Tri-tip exudes a seductive smoky aroma that complements the luxurious beefy flavor. Served with sweet heirloom carrot puree, fragrant Shimeiji mushrooms and crisps fried potato flake. Highly recommended!

The Three Textures Carabineros Prawn was presented in 3 delectable cooking styles. Bite into the tempura battered head and relish creamy roe mousse embedded within. Next savour the crustacean’s succulent flesh, grilled with butter. Finally, nibble on its tail, freeze-dried for that irresistible crunchy texture. Gotta hand it to Chef Millar for his creativity and attention to detail!

A remarkable amount of effort goes into preparing the Braised Tajima Chuck Rib. The meat is brined in prized pink salt for a week, then braised in red wine coffee sauce for hours, for the connective tissues to break down, resulting in beautifully tender, gelatinous texture. The side in this dish is spectacular too- potato fondant pan fried in Wagyu fat. Yes, you’ll be dreaming about this Braise Tajima Chuck Rib for many moons to come!

Another noteworthy dish  is the Line Caught Dutch Brill, imported from Holland. The flatfish, lathered with furikake butter and sprinkled with Nori Salt, is wrapped in paper bark and torched tableside. Love how the seasoning highlights the natural sweetness of the flesh, as well as the captivating smoky aroma imparted from the torching.

Sous Vide Tajima Oyster Blade comprises of Tajima Wagyu oyster blade that has been sous vide, then wood fired over a Josper Grill. Served with earthy shaved truffle and beetroot done 2 ways- pickled and in a hummus. I personally felt that Sous Vide Tajima Oyster Blade was not as outstanding as Wood-fired Tajima Tri-tip and Braised Tajima Chuck Rib.

The sumptuous meal concluded with an elaborate Dessert Art platter that showcased the pastry chef’s excellent mastery of nectarous treats. Styles of Citron, cleansed the palate with tangy passion fruit mousseline, yuzu sorbet and pink grapefruit confit. Elements of the unique Sweet Wood Fried Nagasaki Corn include appealing roasted corn ice cream on a bed of brown butter espuma, honeycomb and salty fingers.

Next, dig into the Bacon & Eggs, made with Sheep’s milk yoghurt and elderflower honey “yolk”, nesting on bacon soil. For those who prefer richer desserts, the Volcanic Pavlova and Valrhona Cremeux will certainly rock up your alley.

If you’re thinking about a romantic dinner, Stellar at 1-Altitude should be on your list. Not only is the view here post-card worthy, the premium ingredients and expert execution makes the experience worth every penny.

Many thanks to Bless Inc Asia for the invite and Stellar for the warm hospitality.

Stellar At 1-Altitude
Level 62, 1 Raffles Place
Tel: 6438 0410


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