Hoshino Coffee Opens Family-Friendly, Japanese-Style Cafe In Singapore

Hoshino Coffee, renowned for its retro Japanese-Western cafe experience of hand-dripped coffee and fluffy pancakes, has opened its sixth outlet in Singapore.

Japanese-styled Interior
What sets Hoshino Coffee in United Square apart from the rest of its chain stores in Singapore and even Japan, is the introduction of Japanese-style elements into the interior decor.

Customers who are used to the Hoshino retro European atmosphere of dark woody interiors and leather chairs to the butler-like uniforms of the service staff, can look forward to a more Japanese Zen ambience.

This is evoked by the Shoji screens that adorn the walls, the Irori (which is the Japanese hearth in a traditional home) and the eye-catching “floating” Bonsai, as a reminder of the Japanese garden.

Child-friendly Elements
Housed in United Square, which is a family-oriented mall, the cafe has thoughtfully put together child-friendly elements. These are:

-Wider aisles to facilitate the movement of strollers and baby chairs
-More space in between tables and fewer tables compared with other outlets
(dining here is 154 square metres with 84 seats)
-More tables for four (than tables for 2)
-Setting up a book shelf at the entrance with Japanese children books
-Introduction of a Kid’s Menu, a first for Hoshino Coffee Singapore, which comes with a colouring sheet and a toy.

Mr Kengo Sakai, the director of D&N Singapore Pte Ltd for Hoshino Coffee Singapore said, “Hoshino Coffee has been operating in Singapore for four and a half years. After we opened our outlet in Raffles Holland Village, we realized that our cafes are also drawing in the family crowd. It is with this in mind that we decided to open an outlet in United Square, where the whole family can come and enjoy our Hoshino delights and discover Japanese culture at the same time”.

Parents can now opt for smaller portions of Hoshino favourites such as the fluffy pancakes, omu rice and pasta for their children in the Kid’s Sets while they look forward to Hoshino’s signature drip-coffee and Japanese-western style meals. There are 2 options in the Kid’s Set Menu currently, priced at $9.80++.

New Menu
Hoshino Coffee Singapore has also launched its new menu which introduces chicken items for the first time such as Teriyaki Chicken Steak Plate with Onsen Egg ($17.80++) and Chicken and Mozzarella Cutlet Plate ($17.80++). This gives diners with dietary restrictions more options to choose from. Also included in the new menu are the Angus Beef Steak Plate ($21.80++), Lasagna with Mini Souffle Pancake Plate ($18.80++) and Mini Souffle Omulet and Mini Souffle Pancake with Sausage and Bacon ($18.80++). Also on the new menu is the Matcha Pancake Souffle (Single $13.50++ and Double $16.80++) which used to be a seasonal specialty but is now a permanent item in response to customers’ requests.

Hoshino Coffee United Square
101 Thompson Road
Tel: 6264 5878

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