Spider Gold & Pro5S Lifting Facial @ Expressions

Facial spas are meant to be lovely, relaxing experiences, but all that relaxation is no good of the beauty treatments aren’t effective. I’m glad to share that I left Expressions with energy to take on any task, and with noticeable improvements to the complexion.

The facial started with a cleanse to remove all traces of dirt and grime, followed by a exfoliation, steam and extraction.

Next, the therapist applied Spider Web Gold Liposome Lifting Serum and Spider Gold Mask. Spider Gold comprises of ingredients from spider’s web. The extracted proteins contains 10 amino acids with skin-lifting anti-aging, and whitening components. The serum and mask combo protects the skin from dryness and locks in moisture for up to 72 hours.

I’ve always believe that technology does wonders for the skin, and love facials that incorporate innovation. At Expressions, vibrations and infrared light from the Pro5S Face Lifting Machine is used to lift facial contours and improve skin elasticity. The infra red light can penetrate tissue to a depth of 8mm-10mm, improving blood circulation and healing damaged tissues.

The therapist lulled me into a utter state of relaxation with facial and décolletage massage, not forgetting to pay more attention to my fatigue eyes. The final step of the treatment involves Vitamin C Mask, which hydrates and combat free radicals.

After one session, the skin is noticeably brighter, skin is plump with hydration and facial contours more sculpted.  The modern woman leads and increasingly hectic lifestyle that comes with inadequate rest and excessive stress. Thanks to Expressions Facial, I looked radiant and energises. The Spider Gold and Pro5S Lifting Facial is highly recommended for time-starved individuals who desire results.

For more details on the facials, visit here and here. Many thanks to Expressions for the invite.


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