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On my previous visit, Georgina snipped away my long locks for a fuss-free lob. I was pleased with the curl ends achieved by blow-dry but simply do not have the time nor skill to replicate the same look at home.  In order to spot this hair-style (inspired by Hong Kong star Eliza Heung) daily, I requested for a perm lob.

Picture credit: @heungheungeliza

After trimming, Georgina did a cold perm for the ends of the hair. In a cold perm, dry hair is sectioned in curled around a plastic rod, over which cold wave solution is poured to soak the hair. After approximately 15 minutes, another solution is applied to neutralize the chemicals and set the curls. The benefit of cold perm is that it’s less damaging on the scalp since the rods are applied to the ends of the hair.

In cold perms, the curls are more defined when wet and loose when the hair is dry.

After 3 weeks, I returned to get hair coloring and treatment done. It’s important to take a couple of weeks break between a perm and dye to avoid overwhelming and damaging the hair.

Next, Japanese Fiole NP 3.1 treatment was applied to my locks to fully hydrate and strengthen them. To maximise penetration and benefits, Avant Garde uses an O3 machine. Ozone hair therapy causes peptones to be formed on each hair shaft, forming a protective layer over each strand (like our Ozone layer). I prefer the O3 machine over the traditional hair steamer treatment as the latter makes the head feel hot and uncomfortable.

My usual frizzy hair was transformed into polished style that’s chic and not too “done”

Lobs are not only feminine, but also low maintenance. The shorter-do, which ranges from chin to collarbone length, is versatile and suits all face shapes. . There’s still enough length such that one pull the strands into an up-do for evening functions or a half top knot for a casual weekend out.

Avant Garde’s luxurious space will definitely leave an indelible impression. It also has a cozy corner for mani and pedis.

Invest in your hair; it’s the crown you never take off! Visit Avant Garde and experience your own personal transformation with the expertise of Georgina and her warm staff.  You can contact them at 6737 5251 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome upon availability.

Avant Garde Hair Salon 
Goodwood Park Hotel (Parklane Wing)
22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Tel: 6737 5251

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