Peony Jade Red Hot Chilli Crabbers Lunch Set Promotion

Calling all crab aficionados! Peony Jade Clarke Quay now offers an outstanding set lunch menu, Red Hot Chilli Crabbers at only $138.80++ for 2 diners. That works out to $69.40++ per pax and from this review, you’ll see why I say its excellent value for money.

Embark on the culinary journey with an elegant starter- Peony Jade Trilogy of Handcrafted Cantonese Dim Sum. Sink your teeth into the juicy Steamed Pork Shu Mai adorned with pops of tobiko. Next, whet your appetite with the tantalizing Poached Dumpling in Hot & Sour Broth, before chomping down on the addictive Pan-seared Prawn in Filo Wrap.

The star of the menu are the crabs (800g-1kg), which are available in 3 flavors.  One cannot go wrong with the Singapore’s Favorite Wok-fried Chilli Crab, a quintessential classic of succulent crab meat swimming in a vibrant spicy-sweet sauce. Fried golden mantous? I’ll have 3 please! These babies are great for mopping up every single bit of the yummy gravy.

Awaken your taste buds with Singapore’s Famous Black Pepper Crab, enrobed in sultry sauce which carried some heat.  Each mouthful was rewarded with a delightful blast of flavor.

Fresh Crustacean, frolicking in creamy which pepper sauce, was very beckoning and receiving many nods of approval from my dining companions. I found the gravy of the Wok-fried Crab with White Pepper simply irresistible and slurp it down to the every last drop.

I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite, but I think I’m leaning toward the Wok-fried Crab with White Pepper. Do note that diners can only pick one flavor of crabs to indulge in.

Continue on with the tender and beautifully marinated Sautéed Beef Fillet with Hong Kong Kale, before slurping up the tongue-numbing Szechuan Spicy Dan Dan Noodles. Do note that the noodle dish is more sweet rather than spicy, but the numbing effect from peppercorn, characteristic of Szechuan cuisine, was quite pronounced.

Sweet ending come in the form of refreshing Chilled Mango Puree with sacs and sago pearls for textural variation.

The enticing set lunch comes with a glass of Singapore’s iconic cocktail, Singapore Sling, perfect for alleviating stresses accumulated in the first half of the day.

The set lunch is suitable for tourists looking for classic Singaporean gourmet adventure, corporate pow wow meals and local foodies who simply need to treat themselves. The Red Hot Chilli Crabbers Set Lunch is available daily, with a minimum of 2 pax to dine.

Many thanks to 37 Comms for the invite and Peony Jade for the warm hospitality.

Peony Jade Clarke Quay
3 River Valley Road
Tel: 6338 0305

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