Facial Slimming & Exercise Treatment @ Wanghai Beauty Studio

We all know that working out is great for the body, because it improves blood circulation and detoxifies. However we tend forget exercising our face! Located at Singapore Shopping Centre, the cozy Wanghai Beauty Studio offers a rejuvenating yet relaxing Facial Slimming & Exercise Treatment that removes wastes from the face’s skin and tissues, as well as slim chubby cheeks for more defined facial contours.

Trained in Beijing in TCM and acupuncture, Wanghai developed an exclusive facial treatment, based on the Meridian concept, that improves oxygen and blood circulation, lifts and slim facial contours. This is a very different from Western Facials, which tends to only work on superficial skin layers.

I measured the bottom outline of my face before the facial (28.3cm), to illustrate how effective the slimming effects are.

After cleansing the skin of all makeup and impurities, Wanghai performed Guasha on the face. Guasha is an ancient Chinese therapy that stimulates blood flow.

The next step is unique to Wanghai Beauty Studio- Acupoint Facial Massage performed with the knuckles.  This technique stimulates blood circulation, lifts and slim down facial contours and flushes away toxins via the lymphatic system, akin to an intense workout.

Next, Wanghai massages the eye area as well as neck and shoulder muscles. I especially love her shoulder massages as she does not stop still all the knots and tension are completely banished.

The session ends with a clarifying Herbal Mask and an invigorating head massage.  You can opt for whitening Pearl Powder Mask or hydrating Aloe Vera Mask at no extra charge.

Here are some shots taken post-treatment. My face slimmed down from 28.3cm to 26cm in 1 session, and it was down again to 24.8cm after the second session 2 weeks later. Do not that regular monthly treatments are required for maintenance. Your facial muscles may also experience soreness after the first couple of treatments.

Unlike most facials, no extractions are performed here, making this the go-to treatment just before an important event!

I have been a regular patron of Wanghai for the past 7 years since her days in Ma Kuang, but have not shared about her treatments as she was busy with family commitments, hence only serviced regular customers.  She has now returned to full-time work and is accepting new clients, so don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your facial contours!

Readers of my blog can enjoy the Facial Slimming & Exercise Treatment at $58 (u.p. $85). Simply show Wanghai this blog post.

Apart from facial treatments, Wanghai also offers Full Body Massages, Cupping Therapy and Tummy Slimming treatments.

Wanghai Beauty studio
Singagapore Shopping Centre #02-23
190 Clemenceau Avenue
Tel/Whatsapp: 9489 9475

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