Ramen Nagi Opens In Singapore At Suntec City Tower 2

With over 50 outlets spread across Asia, Ramen Nagi, the award winning ramen chain from Tokyo, finally brings its handcrafted steaming bowls of ramen to the heart of Singapore. Helmed by the renowned Ramen Master, Chef Ikuta Satoshi, Ramen Nagi has won the hearts of many ramen fanatics and found breakout success in Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

The brand’s raving appraisals run the gamut from popular Hong Kong food critic, Michael Lam, to bagging the top spot at the 2012 Tokyo Ramen of the Year. While the accolades follow wherever Chef Ikuta goes, what keeps customers coming back goes beyond that to the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into each bowl – let Ramen Nagi bring you back to the heart and soul of ramen!

Butao King

Chef Ikuta honed the art of ramen making in a hole-in-the-wall ramen house nestled along a narrow alley in Fukuoka, Japan. Personally dishing up bowls of savoury ramen in front of each customer, his technique evolved over the hundreds, if not thousands, of bowls he skillfully prepared as he incorporated feedback from acclaimed critics and loyal fans. Making his name as the first restaurant in the world to serve a different type of ramen every day for
all 365 days of the year, Chef Ikuta’s inspiring talent went further than just endless creativity when he beat over 30,000 chefs and walked away with top spots in the Tokyo Ramen of the Year Championship for three consecutive years. The ramen chain has since expanded throughout the region with 22 outlets in its native Japan and 28 overseas franchised branches.

Red King

Each generous bowl of noodles that Ramen Nagi serves is handcrafted and custom cooked with premium quality ingredients air flown from Japan. The brand’s four signature Ramen Kings range from the traditional Butao King, the spicy Red King as well as the Black King and Green King for the adventurous at heart. In an old fashioned Omotenashi style, Ramen Nagi offers a checklist for guests to customise their ramen preferences.

Black King

Customers can personalize the richness of the broth, amount of garlic, spice level, ramen texture and have their choice of either pork shoulder or pork belly chashu. This meticulous attention to detail provides each diner, whether ramen lover or not, a rich and memorable experience that straddles both culture and cuisine.

Green King

Ramen Nagi Singapore
Suntec City Tower 2
North Wing #01-512/513 (next to north atrium taxi stand)
Tel: 6821 1601


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