Teppan Bar Q

Located along Unity Street, Teppan Bar Q is a small but lively spot to enjoy Teppanyaki dishes with a touch of Spanish influence.

Whet your appetite with Squid with Pesto ($12), where springy squid is tossed with creamy pesto sauce, and olives for a burst of saltiness.

Next, we tried their signature Tonpei Yaki ($17), a comforting dish of fluffy omelette with pork belly slices and cabbage, finished with bonito flakes. I can see this being a hit with both adults and kids, going especially well with a bowl of piping hot white rice. Pity that there was an overwhelming amount mayonnaise and okonomi sauce during my visit.

Teppan Bar Q offers some excellent seafood items that made it seem like you’re dining straight from the sea. Like variety? Go for the Seafood Teppanyaki ($54), a platter of smoky Tiger Prawns with a splash of balsamic, plump Hokkaido Scallops, Teriyaki Salmon and succulent squid. The seafood was seasoned minimally, to allow its remarkable freshness to take centre stage.

Satiate your meat hankering with Sirloin Steak Teppanyaki ($30 for 200g) great weight-watchers who prefer lesser fat content. The juicy and tender medium rare steak tastes great on its own, and even better with the accompany dips- homemade spicy sauce, soy sauce and ginger sauce. Don’t neglect the fried garlic on the side- it’s immensely addictive!

We ended the meal with fragrant Garlic Fried Rice ($6), which was evidently well executed. No unpleasant surprises from bitter burnt garlic bits here!

As mentioned earlier, Teppan Bar Q has limited seating, hence do make reservations to avoid disappointment. Peeps who love booze will be delighted with their extensive list of sake and alcoholic beverages.

Many thanks to HungryGoWhere for the invite.

Teppan Bar Q
11 Unity Street #01-21/22
Roberston Walk
Tel: 6235 0629

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