Neon Pigeon Launches Its First Ever Bar Bites Menu

Neon Pigeon launches its first ever Bar Bites Menu this month, elevating its offerings and cementing its position on the ever-popular Keong Saik Road as the go-to drinking and dining spot. Accompanying the Bar Bites Menu is a refreshed sake list with 12 new sakes, as well as a selection of Japanese craft beers. The new nibbles and drinks can now be enjoyed in a revamped bar and drinking area, with the inclusion of large couches great for groups and parties out for a night of enjoyment. The expanded bar counter is also now equipped with seats for drinkers and diners to interact with the bartenders.

“We have been playing with the idea of a Bar Bites Menu for the longest time. We wanted to provide our guests with satisfying food they could eat while having drinks at the bar. Being one of the many restaurants in the hip Keong Saik enclave, we want to continually offer new experiences that stay true to Neon Pigeon’s distinctive style and provide more opportunities for guests to enjoy what we do here,” says Dennis Smit, Chef de Cuisine, Neon Pigeon. “Working with Head Chef Justin Hammond, we came up with our first Bar Bites Menu, which we hope that regulars and newcomers alike will enjoy at all times of the night,” he adds.

Putting its iconic Japanese influence and a modern spin on bar bites from all over the world, the new Neon Pigeon Bar Bites Menu is guaranteed to appeal to guests looking for satisfying nibbles to complement their drinks, or those in search of a filling late-night snack.

Neon Pigeon New Bar Bites Menu

A highlight of the Bar Bites menu is the Tonkatsu Po Boy ($12). A modern Japanese take on a dish hailing from Louisiana, U.S.A., Neon Pigeon’s rendition amps up shrimp and pork chop with a spicy miso paste on a fluffy bun. Its creamy and crunchy combination is a perfect hearty choice for a night of drinking.

The Sweet Potato Fries with Crack Salt and Togarashi ($8) gives everyone’s favorite bar snack a twist. Seasoned with house-made shichimi togarashi and a unique blend of crack salt, these special fries are guaranteed to be devoured after a few drinks.

Inspired by popular Japanese snacks, the Brie with Wasabi on Tempura Seaweed ($10) and Croquettes with Cauliflower and Bacon ($9) are a harmonious marriage between Asian and Western influences. The former utilizes the cheese and cracker combination, where brie cheese is served on a tempura seaweed cracker, and garnished with shiso for a multitude of flavors. Drawing inspiration from Chef Dennis’ home country of Holland, the croquettes use a salpicón in place of mashed potato, which is then mixed with cauliflower crème as a base. Bacon is added for smokiness and depth, and a sour sushi vinegar is served on the side as a palate cleanser.

Other new dishes on the Bar Bites Menu include the Shoyu Glazed Peanuts with Puffed Wild Rice ($5), a mixture of peanuts and puffed wild rice, seasoned with tamari shoyu, mirin and togarashi; the Yuzu Ceviche with Jalapeno and Tapioca Chips ($12), Neon Pigeon’s version of the Peruvian Tigre del leche, which is made with yuzu juice, spicy jalapeno and a sweet potato purée, and the fan favorite, Tokyo Hummus ($6) served on pieces of curry chips.

The new Bar Bites Menu is available from 6.00pm to 11.45pm from Monday to Saturday.

Refreshed Sake List & New Craft Beers

Neon Pigeon introduces 12 new sakes, featuring sparkling varieties to junmai rice varieties, and six new craft beers, available at Neon Pigeon for a limited time.

“With the new Bar Bites Menu, we brought in a more diverse range of sakes for our guests who want to explore regional, rare and interesting sakes. We also sought out craft beers with stimulating flavor profiles from Japan’s leading craft breweries,” says Symphony Loo, Group Beverage Manager, The Dandy Partnership.

For the uninitiated, the Tsukino Katsura Magic Rice Sake ($60 for a 300ml bottle) offers a perfect introduction to sake. Light and crisp, this sparkling sake is delicious and pairs well with all dishes from the Bar Bites Menu. The Shochikubai Junmai Nigori Sake ($40 for a 240ml bottle) is bold and sweet, and packed with a rich and robust flavor. The distinctive rice savor makes it a great accompaniment to well-seasoned dishes, such as the Sweet potato fries with crack salt and togarashi.

Sake enthusiasts can look to the Tsukino Katsura Junmai Asahi #4 Rice Sake ($140 for a 720ml bottle). The Asahi #4 rice used in this sake, once vanished from the sake world, has returned as a rarity. Medium-bodied and full of umami flavors, the sake goes down clean and leaves a lingering nutty aftertaste. Another option for those seeking to expand their sake horizons is the Yamamoto Wine Junmai Gingo ($140 for a 720ml bottle). An outstanding sake, it has a fresh scent of white peaches, mikan, and lemons.

Two highlights out of the six new beer selections include the Baird Shimaguni Stout ($16 for a 330ml bottle) and the Iwate Kura Sakura Arashi IPA (SGD17 for a 330ml bottle). Meant for everyday drinking, the former is rich, dry and roasty, and has a moderate gravity and alcohol content. The latter is a beautifully crafted IPA underpinned with Japanese sensibilities, offering vibrant amber hues and perky hop characters with five varieties of hop used.

Revamped Bar Interior

Neon Pigeon recently revamped its interior to include two comfortable couches at the front of the restaurant-bar, a great drinking space for large groups and parties out for a fun night of drinking. At the bar, the counter has also been expanded, with the addition of seats for guests who seek a more interactive drinking experience with the incredibly hospitable and talented bartenders, and to enjoy a late-night snack or more.

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