24k Gold Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment @ Expressions

Gold facial treatments are in vogue these days and Expressions is quick to launch a new gold facial to their treatment menu-24k Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment. It was rumoured that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, was known to use gold face mask daily to preserve her youth. I was eager to see how effective the ancient treatment, married with new technology, will fare.

The facial has the following benefits:

1) Anti-aging
2) Lifting
3) Whitening Complexion
4) Brightening dull and listless skin
5) Reduce pigmentation
6) Stimulate lymphatic drainage
7) Improve blodd circulation
8) Faciliate Metabolism
9) Assist in building collagen to fight against free-radicals

The 80-minute session commenced with cleansing using a whitening milk, followed by rose toning lotion to remove all traces of makeup and impurities.

Extraction was performed post steaming. I have to commend the therapist for her skills- the process was not painful and did not leave bleeding, angry red marks on the skin. She was very meticulous too. Every single pimple, blackhead and whitehead was banished!

Gold Ion was applied with a device to enhance its benefits

Next, delicate gold foils were carefully arranged onto the skin, along with whitening serum for the eye area and regenerating serum the rest of the face. After 20 minutes, the therapist added more serum and massaged the gold mask till it was fully absorbed by the skin. Because the gold mask is 1-2 microns thin, the particles are small and easily dissolve into the skin.

The final result was impressive. My complexion was a few shades fairer and glowing with radiance! I also noticed my daily skincare products absorbs more readily and makeup goes on more smoothly over the next 5 days.

I only did a single treatment was dazzled by the noticeable difference. Monthly treatments would surely yield even more outstanding results. If you’re keen improve your complexion, do contact Expressions for an appointment!

Many thanks to Expressions for the invite.


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