EKSPERIENCE Scalp Treatment @ Avant Garde Hair Salon

Most of us are guilty of subjecting our scalp to aggressors, such as hectic lifestyle, climate changes during travel and chemical processes such as colouring, bleaching, perming and rebonding. Get the TLC your scalp deserves with an innovative scalp treatment at Avant Garde Hair Salon.

The treatment begins with a scalp analysis. My scalp produces excessive sebum, a common issue most ladies will face in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. The pores were also clogged with dead skin and oil, which could lead to increase hair fall.

The EKSPERIENCE Scalp Treatment, by Intercosmo, harnesses the benefits of the sea. The formula contains Aquamaris Complex, made using Spring Water and Algae. It also has Oyster Shell Powder which tones the scalp with its astringent action, and Pearl Extract that has been used by the Chinese since ancient times for its rejuvenating and moisturizing properties.

The Marine Spring Water, a component of Aquamaris Complex, is sourced from Noirmoutier, a French Island. Benefits include:

-Improved texture of the epidermis
-Stimulates cell production
-Protect hair against pollution and chemical treatments

Marine Spring water also has twice the trace amount of element such as manganese, calcium, zinc compared to sea water.

The Algae component nourishes and restores hair follicle, purifies epidermis, create the right level of humidity and releases active ingredients for the well being of the scalp and hair.

The scalp is gently exfoliated with a few drops of PHASE 0 Scalp Treatment, applied to dry scalp and distributed in using small circular movements. This product deep cleanses the scalp, remove sebum, hydrates and remove impurities from follicles.

Next, an award winning mud-based professional treatment, EKSPERIENCE Active Mud, was applied on the scalp. The active mud comprises of essential oil, algae power and 6 vitamin cocktail filler. The active mud absorbs impurities and releases active ingredients in its rich formula. The star of the concoction is the Algae Powder, made from extremely fine seaweed extract powder, which provides the following benefits:

-Deep Scalp Cleansing
-Absorbs and eliminates impurities
-Nourishes & Strengthens

Depending on your scalp and hair condition, the stylist will mix different essential oils to combat specific concerns, namely, dandruff, oily scalp, sensitive scalp and hair loss.

The active mud is applied directly on the dry scalp for 10 minutes with heat.

After rinsing the active mud off, the head was pampered with a relaxing massage.

Next, the EKSPERIENCE hair treatment was applied to the tresses. To maximize penetration and benefits, Avant Garde uses an O3 machine. Ozone hair therapy causes peptones to be formed on each hair shaft, forming a protective layer over each strand (like our Ozone layer). I prefer the O3 machine over the traditional hair steamer treatment as the latter makes the head feel hot and uncomfortable.

The last step involves drops of scalp essence to nourish the scalp.

The final result is healthy scalp and smooth, manageable hair.

Many thanks to Avant Garde for the pampering experience.

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