CNY 2018 @ Wan Hao Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Usher in the an auspicious New Year at Wan Hao with bespoke set menus meticulously curate by award-winning Executive Chef Brian Wang, luxe takeaways and festive goodies!

Yu Sheng! A must at every reunion dinner! Wan Hao has crafted several varieties starting from $68++ up to $268++. In this frame is the Peak Of Prosperity Yu Sheng ($268++) featuring Lobster, Scallop, Tuna, Salmon and Caviar with Kumquat Sauce. Love the natural sweetness and fruity tanginess of this ensemble!

Warm the digestive system with Braised Bird’s Nest with Assorted Dried Seafood Broth & Golden Superior Stock. In this luscious soup, superior broth is thicken with Chinese Cabbage, and sweetened with carrots and pumpkin. Chunky bits of bird nest and dried seafood make up the necessary textures to liven up the soup.

Spoil yourself with the Deep-Fried Lobster with Yuzu Mayonnaise & Pomelo– within the crisp batter is succulent crustacean meat, zenged with fruity  and acidic notes. Lip-smackingly yummy!

The Braised US Short Ribs redolent in Japanese Light Soya Sauce, accompanied by seasonal greens, will leave you lusting for days!

The pristine flesh of the Deep-fried Cod Fish with Celery Sauce flakes away effortlessly. Love how the sweet and tangy celery sauce complements the snowy meat!

As you can see, the presentation of the Crispy Pork Trotter with Wolfberry Sauce, with dragon fruit, cucumber and carrots is lovely! However, I find this dish not as stellar as the previous creations, but it’s not too shabby either.

Cleanse the palate with Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Lemon Sorbet, a harmonious combination that is light on the tummy.

Prosperity Set Menus are available from 16 Jan to 2 Mar 2018. Prices start from $108.80++ per person (4-8 diners) to $2088++ per 10 persons.

If you’re keen in takeaways, Wan Hao offers an extensive selection of Yu Sheng, and an impressive Pen Cai as well. Bond with family over Wan Hao’s Imperial Pot Of Prosperity Pen Cai (small $688, large $1088). The extravagant casserole, brimming with 14 luxurious ingredients, can be a meal on its own! I was especially taken by the Australian 3- head abalone, crispy oyster, and tender Braised Irish Duck and Iberico Meat Ball.  Other components include whole pig trotter, sea cucumber, conpoy, fish maw, Japanese Shiitake Mushroom, black Moss, dried scallop, mustard greens and white radish.

Snack lovers will relish Wan Hao’s Golden Nian Gao Tart with Yam ($28 for 8 pieces) , a dainty treat of Nian Gao and sweet yam filling nesting in a golden, buttery tart shell. Lunar New Year Goodies are available at the hotel forecourt stall from 24 Jan to 15 Feb 2018.

Much love to Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel for the invite.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Tel: 6735 5800

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