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Outfits: Martina Pink, IE, GG>5, FCUK, Wasabees

My goodness, it’s been ages since I have done an outfit post. Haven’t had much luck with the usual brands I frequent  for the past few months, especially my favourite Martina Pink. Oh well!

Geometric print, ombre turquoise-blue silk-cotton dress from Individual Expression.  Love the asymmetrical cut and gathers on the left shoulder, very Greek!


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Outfit Post: Peter Kor, French Connection, Martina Pink, Allure, Individual Expression, BYSI

TGIF! Today I shall be doing quite a long post on 7 outfits I purchased recently 🙂


A long time ago when I was a teenager, I read an interview on a successful career woman, who was photographed wearing a Peter Kor Cheongsam. The design mesmerized me and left such a deep impression that I went looking for this Singaporean Label once I started working. But alas, it was too pricy and I didn’t have any special event to attend, so I just stood around to admire the clothes. Recently, my friend’s wedding and a sale at Tangs (thank goodness!) provided me an excuse to splurge on this refined and elegant asymmetrical floral dress XD

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Outfit Post: Wasabees, French Connection, Trucco, Allure

Detailed top from quirky Wasabees (Korean label retailing in Robinsons)  and leggings from Uniqlo. This top caught my eye because of the 3-d design, which is sewn on.


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Outfit Post: French Connection and Forming

I did a survey among my friends and decided to be more organized with my posts. So from now on, I shall not be mixing food review posts with outfit posts because some readers who wish to read about food may not have any interest in clothes, and vice versa…


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