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When it comes to preventing aging, the earlier the better! Korean Skincare brand Dermatology Cosmeceutical Solution (DCS) helps one to preserve youthful complexion with its anti-aging range, NUTRIDERM.

The NUTRIDERM line boosts a myriad of skincare benefits, courtesy of its concoction of natural yet powerful ingredients. The star, Korean Ginseng Berry, is a prized fruit as it can only be harvested once every four years over a seven-day period. Korean Ginseng Berries have high concentration of ginsenosides, in fact, twice the amount of the more well-known and frequently used Korean Ginseng Root. Ginsenosides have excellent anti-oxidant properties, protecting the skin from everyday stresses by fighting free radical damage. In addition, Korean Ginseng Berry also increases hyaloronic acid in skin cells. This not only prevents wrinkle formation, but also gives skin a supple glow.

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Singapore’s scorching weather and busy lifestyle are soooo unforgiving to our delicate complexion. Dehydrated and dull skin is a common manifestation but fret not! Korean skincare brand, DCS (Dermatology Cosmeceutical Solution) addresses these concerns with AQUADERM, a line consisting of 6 products.

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