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Perm Lob @ Avant Garde

On my previous visit, Georgina snipped away my long locks for a fuss-free lob. I was pleased with the curl ends achieved by blow-dry but simply do not have the time nor skill to replicate the same look at home.  In order to spot this hair-style (inspired by Hong Kong star Eliza Heung) daily, I requested for a perm lob.

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Lob With Curls @ Avant Garde

The Lunar New Year calls for a hair makeover at Avant Garde! 2017 will be an eventful year- finally get the keys to our BTO, plus work and the blog are occupying most of my time. Hence, I’m opting for a shorter style, so that I head out quickly to conquer the busy day ahead.

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Lob @ Avant Garde

I’ve been spotting long curls for 2 years and decided it’s time for a make-over. It was taking ages to blow dry my increasingly thick hair. Life was getting busier and hence I needed a new hair-do which enables me to quickly head out the door.

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Fuchsia Locks @ Avant Garde

I yearned for a change. Something bolder. Something more vivid! Yes, I’m sure a trip to Avant Garde (previously known as Georgina’s Hair Salon) will do the trick.

After a lengthy consultation with Georgina on the various options, I decided on colouring a portion of my lower part of my hair pink. However, I immediately changed my mind when Georgina presented a hue she personally concocted, a beautiful fuchsia shade.

Here’s a before picture. The curls are still holding up well considering that the ceramic perm (see here for review) was done 8 months ago.


The first step was to bleaching the ends in preparation for the colour.

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Half Updo @ Avant Garde

Pretty makeup is only half the battle won when you’re trying to look your absolute best. Turns heads at functions with a stunning hair-do at Avant Garde (previously known as Georgina’s) !

With more than a decade of experience under this belt, Jaren’s skills and expertise will ensure that your tresses are well taken care of.


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Purple Hair and Highlights @ Georgina’s

Be prepared for a picture-heavy post of my new hair-do! I can’t wait to share just how stunning and  the ceramic perm, highlights and purple dye turned out, hence will be publishing numerous pictures of my tresses in different lighting, with New Zealand’s breathtaking scenery as backdrops.

3 weeks after my ceramic perm at Georgina’s, I returned to touch up my highlights, as well as to try something new-dying my hair purple! This was the first time I deviated from my usual browns and mahogany, and I wanted the look to be subtle. Hence, Georgina  recommend to dye only a small section of hair.


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Ceramic Perm @ Avant Garde

Back at Avant Garde (previously knows as Georgina’s) to revive my curls. For the first time in January this year, I tried Avant Garde ceramic perm and have never looked back. I used to think that curls are difficult and time consuming to maintain hence avoided perms. But I was so wrong! Ceramic perms are a breeze to manage, simply apply hair curling cream after a shower, then twirl using your fingers occasionally while the hair air-dries. Scrunch the ends with curling wax and you’ll get stunning tresses.  I was so in love with the curls and how much time it helped me saved in my morning routine, I had to get a ceramic perm again!

I was glad that the previous perm lasted me 10 months, which came as a surprise as most of my friend’s perms only lasted them 4-5 months. As you can see, the front portion of the hair is still curly, but the back, not so much (because I didn’t bother with applying curling cream and curling wax as I was going get my hair done).


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