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Pearl Of Orient Penang Fiesta @ Pan Pacific Orchard

Following its successful debut last year, Pearl Of Orient Penang Fiesta Buffet has returned to Pan Pacific Orchard to gratify your yearning for Penang Cuisine.

Penang is recognised as the food capital of Malaysia and acknowledged as one of Asia’s top street food cities. Penang Executive Chef Andy Oh and his team present an extensive variety of Penang favourites at Pan Pacific Orchard’s 10 at Claymore, providing diners the opportunity to immerse themselves in the multifarious flavours of Penang dishes. Chef Andy takes pride in sourcing for ingredients directly from Penang. He combines them with fresh meat and vegetables from Singapore markets to bring exceptional and authentic Penang fare to the buffet line. Even the bowls provided at 10 at Claymore were hand-carried from Penang. Talk about dedication!

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