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Din Tai Fung Taiwan Pineapple Cakes

Not fan of baked nor snowskin mooncakes? Din Tai Fung’s Taiwan Pineapple Cake is a refreshing snack to substitute the usual Mid-Autumn Festival treats. Continue reading

Din Tai Fung Dragon Boat Rice Dumplings

Din Tai Fung welcomes the Dragon Boat Festival (端午节)  with 2 varieties of comforting rice dumplings, both perfect for gifting, as well as sharing with loved ones.

Before marinating, Din Tai Fung soaks top grade Taiwanese Glutinous Rice in water for 3 hours to achieve impeccable soft and springy texture that’s impossible to resist.

Picture credit: Din Tai Fung


Rice Dumpling with Flavoured Pork ($6.50* per piece)

Encased in each mouth-wateringly delicious dumpling is a core of succulent and tasty pork meat. The secret to the meat’s amazing flavours? Din Tai Fung steeps the pork in a marinade comprising of 15 types of spices and condiments for 8 whole hours!


Red Bean Rice Dumpling ($5.50* per piece)

These sweet dumplings exemplifies timeless comfort. Handmade with Taiwan Pearl Rice and stuff with a generous portion of fine red bean paste, each mouthful will leave you craving for another. Oh and did I mention that they are specially imported from Din Tai Fung Taiwan?


The Dragon Boat Rice Dumplings are available until 30th June 2016. Citi Cardmembers can enjoy a complimentary Red Bean Rice Dumpling with a minimum spend of $90*.

*Prices stated are before GST and service charge and may vary across restaurants. Terms and conditions apply

Many thanks to Din Tai Fung for the delectable rice dumplings

Din Tai Fung Singapore

Din Tai Fung Celebrates 12 Years of Success with 12 New Dishes

In celebration of its 12th year in Singapore, Din Tai Fung has unveiled 12 new dishes which are exclusively available at their flagship restaurant in Paragon Orchard.

Spearheaded by a team of passionate chefs and food technologist, the new creations took an entire year to develop and take form. These dishes are in line with Din Tai Fung’s approach to food- simple, harmonious and balanced.  Out of the 12 new items, 5 of them are suitable for vegetarians to enjoy.

We started the meal with 4 chilled starters, which were all very refreshing and healthy. The Chinese Yam Steep in Umeshu & Cherry Tomato Dressing ($7.80) took me by surprised upon my first mouthful. The flavours were amazing! Chinese Yam is steeped in Japanese plum wine for 12 hours for a hint of sweet-sour tang, then topped with cherry tomato dressing for a touch of sweetness.  Chinese Yam is high in nutrients and fibre, aids digestion and boost immunity.


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Din Tai Fung celebrates SG50 with Steamed Chilli Crab Dumplings

Don’t be fooled by these midgets! These 18-fold parcels pack a punch, allowing diners to savour the best of both worlds-Singapore’s decadent National Dish and Din Tai Fung’s signature minced pork Xiao Long Bag.


The popular Taiwanese chain joins SG50 celebrations with Steamed Chilli Crabs Dumplings ($7.50-$8 for 4 pieces). Meticulously hand crafted by dedicated chefs, each dumpling encases succulent crab meat, premium minced pork and flavoursome crab-based consommé that gives a pleasant burn. These babies are available at all Din Tai Fung restaurants until 31 Aug 2015 (UOB card holders can enjoy 15% off).

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Din Tai Fung Heritage Dumpling Collection

What’s Dragon Boast Festival (端午节without  rice dumplings? This year, Din Tai Fung’s Heritage Dumpling Collection presents 2 varieties, both perfect for gifting, as well as sharing with loved ones.

Pearl Rice Dumpling with Pork and Yam in Lotus Leaves Wrap ($12.80).  Peel open fragrant lotus leaves to reveal a massive dumpling, constructed with soft, springy Taiwanese glutinous rice , melt-in-the-mouth tender pork that has been braised for 4 hours, and mouth-watering deep-fried pork chop marinated with a secret-recipe sauce. Studding the dumpling are Premium Japanese Shiitake mushrooms, yellow beans, Tian Jin chestnuts, yam and dried shrimps. These ingredients give the dumpling further oomph, aroma and texture.


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Chinese New Year @ Din Tai Fung

Usher in the Year of the Ram with Din Tai Fung’s festive offerings and popular favorites! From now until 5th March, the prominent Taiwanese chain presents special creations to delight your palate.

Lo Hei! The only legitimate time to play with your food! Celebrate abundance with DTF’s classic Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng, consisting of sweet Tian Jin roasted chestnuts, fresh slivers of jellyfish, twirls of crispy yam, fresh pomelo pulp and white radish. The dish is topped with Norwegian smoked salmon and drizzled with homemade plum sauce for a refreshing touch. Diners can also top up their Yu Sheng with Australian abalone ($13.80), Fried salmon skin ($4.80), Sliced smoked salmon ($9.80), Crispy yam strips ($3.80) and Pine nuts ($2.80).

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