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All About White Asparagus @ Pool Grill


This spring, Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel’s Pool Grill has launched “All About White Asparagus” menu. One will surely ask this golden question- what is the difference between white and green asparagus?  White asparagus is grown underground, away from light hence the vegetable does not produce chlorophyll. Considered to be a delicacy, white asparagus has a milder flavour and are more tender compared to green asparagus.

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Pool Grill

Marriott’s Pool Grill is a lovely spot to enjoy a relaxing lunch or romantic dinner. Singapore’s unforgiving weather is always a consideration when dining al fresco, hence we dressed light. However, we were surprised how cool the restaurant was, thanks to some of the air-conditioning flowing out from the hotel (especially if you sit closer to the entrance) as well as powerful ceiling fans.


I came with expectation that everything would be very casual at the Pool Grill, but again was surprised with its sophisticated elegance. Luckily, I dressed up for this lunch appointment my friend.

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