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Seorae Unveils New Menu Offerings

Popular Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurant SEORAE has upped its game with tantalising new additions that will definitely excite your taste buds.

“Korean meals are meant to be share. It is with this philosophy that we introduced new signatures and lunch sets that are perfect for sharing. Having established ourselves as the go-to Korean Charcoal BBQ for the finest ingredients and produce, the newly-revamped menu allows us to offer a truly unique dining experience for our patrons that are both authentic and social” said Chef Chul Park, Founder of SEORAE.

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Established in South Korean in 2007, Seorae has gone from strength to strength, with currently more than 260 outlets in Korea and other cities such as Tokyo, Jakarta and Hong Kong. Chef Chul Park, the Founder of Seorae, attributes the success in the highly competitive market of Korean BBQ, to the company’s basic philosophy of providing diners with the best quality ingredients and produce, while maintaining the art of Korean barbeque. Another unique aspect is that Seorae serves Galmaegisal, which translates to “skirt meat”, a cut with minimal amount of fat (great for waist-watchers) while possessing the perfect ratio of tenderness and juiciness. A fully-grown cow or pig only produces about 250g of such prized meat, which was in the past,  was strictly reserved for Korean royalties. Now, you can savour Galmaegisal at Seorae Singapore, located conveniently at Plaza Singapura.

Despite it being a weekday, there was a queue already forming at Seorae’s entrance during dinnertime.


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