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Som Tam

Set up by the same people behind Gin Khao, Som Tam is a Thai fusion restaurant that opened a month ago at Orchard Central. Named after a popular Thai Salad, the restaurant’s space is decorated in a neutral colour palette and greenery, with plenty of natural light streaming through the windows during daytime.

At Som Tam, one can expect complex, bold and exotic flavours. I was initially overwhelmed by the plethora of selections categorized into street delights, salads, burgers, rice sets, noodles, pastas, grills, mains, soups, curries, drinks and desserts. Ah, decisions, decisions! We finally managed to make up our minds thanks to the staff’s recommendations.

It was a scorching afternoon so we started with some chilled beverages to cool down. The Thai Matcha Yen Float ($6.80) is absolutely superb and I highly recommend it. I’m not a fan of Thai Coffee ($6.80) as I dislike its acidity, but Som Tam’s rendition won me over with its sweet and refreshing notes courtesy of coconut juice. The Thai Iced Tea ($4.20) deserves two thumbs up too!


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