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Disneyland Hotel

After the satisfying character dim sum lunch, we went exploring Disneyland hotel. It was beautifully decorated, fairytale-like atmosphere with a touch of Victorian elegance.

Glass slippers inside the chandelier, such exquisite details! Continue reading

Disneyland Crystal Lotus Character Dim Sum

I was very pleased with the dim sum lunch we had after Dear asked for my hand in marriage. The dim sum crafted was so creative and cute, plus they tasted fabulous!Today, there were 6 different types of Disney character Dim Sum. We ordered all of them, one for each person and some other dim sum

Salted egg custard bunCarrot Cake Continue reading

My Memorable Marriage Proposal

Arrived at Disneyland hotel, with no idea what is going to happen!I forgot to apply lipstick =_=. Looking really pale next to fully made up Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Continue reading