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Yan Ting Weekend Buffet Brunch Revisited

Now that CNY celebrations have come to a conclusion (back to work, sobs!), some of you may be thinking about how to celebrate Valentines. For those who still can’t get enough of Chinese food, or wish to shy away from the usual candlelight dinners, Yan Ting’s Weekend Buffet Brunch will be perfect( will be one day after Valentine’s day though)! The classy ambiance at Yan Ting is also great for family gatherings, celebrations and catch-ups with friends.


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Yan Ting A la Carte Dim Sum


A short and sweet post on St Regis Yan Ting Dim Sum. Previously I have blogged about Yan Ting’s Dim Sum buffet brunch here and here. My apologies for the dark pictures; I wrote that post when I just started  blogging  and had no idea how to edit pictures. Edit 03/02/2014: Do check out my blog post on Yan Ting Weekend Brunch Revisited too 🙂

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Yan Ting Part 2

Yan Ting’s divine dim sum and exquisite dishes were mind-blowing; we thoroughly enjoyed the food as well as the grandeur ambiance. I would definitely return again as I would like to treat my parents (living overseas) to this little luxury.

In order to try a wider variety of dishes, I suggest requesting for smaller portions. For my review on Yan Ting part one, click here. Edit 03/02/2014: Do check out my blog post on Yan Ting Weekend Brunch Revisited too 🙂

Yan ting has ceased serving shark fin soup since July 2012 and replaced it with double boiled abalone with chicken soup. The soup was flavorsome yet not salty; the abalone was chewy and springy. Continue reading

Yan Ting Part 1

Yan Ting, located on the second level of St Regis Hotel, is well known for serving the best dim sum in Singapore. The award winning establishment is one of the more authentic Cantonese restaurants providing diners with top notch fine dining experience. This is the to visit if you are looking to impress, or to savor dim sum delicacies.A tastefully decorated corridor leads to the main dining area; with paintings of spring, summer, autumn and winter at the end of the room. Reservation is a must as seats are limited; I even called to book in March for a table in August, as I didn’t want to take any chances for this birthday occasion.

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