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Serena Spa @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Hope January has been treating you right so far! After all the festive parting last month, its back to the daily grind once again (dang).  Keep your energy levels high, mind and body relaxed with a spa treat at the newly opened Serena Spa, conveniently located on level 4 of Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

Serena Spa started out in Maldives 18 years ago, then merged with HOE Wellness Pte Ltd, India’s leading spa brand which owns and operates 40 spas across India, Seychelles, Spain and India under the brand names Serene Spa, Aristo Spa, Spazure and Spa Express.

The minimalistic and contemporary interior of Serene Spa is a refreshing change from the usual spa themes. Sip on some tea and wind down at the spa lobby, decked out in warm woods, camel tones and a touch of muted tiffany blue.

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Facial Slimming & Exercise Treatment @ Wanghai Beauty Studio

We all know that working out is great for the body, because it improves blood circulation and detoxifies. However we tend forget exercising our face! Located at Singapore Shopping Centre, the cozy Wanghai Beauty Studio offers a rejuvenating yet relaxing Facial Slimming & Exercise Treatment that removes wastes from the face’s skin and tissues, as well as slim chubby cheeks for more defined facial contours.

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MesoBright Treatment @ Bon Aesthetics

Bon Aesthetics is a local one stop beauty company conveniently located along Orchard Road which focuses on holistic beauty treatments and products.

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Perm Lob @ Avant Garde

On my previous visit, Georgina snipped away my long locks for a fuss-free lob. I was pleased with the curl ends achieved by blow-dry but simply do not have the time nor skill to replicate the same look at home.  In order to spot this hair-style (inspired by Hong Kong star Eliza Heung) daily, I requested for a perm lob.

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Spider Gold & Pro5S Lifting Facial @ Expressions

Facial spas are meant to be lovely, relaxing experiences, but all that relaxation is no good of the beauty treatments aren’t effective. I’m glad to share that I left Expressions with energy to take on any task, and with noticeable improvements to the complexion.

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Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Range

Although hair loss is a common issue amongst men, women are not spared from this disturbing distress! Thinning and falling hair is a problem that should be arrested as soon as possible to prevent unsightly bald patches.

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Lob With Curls @ Avant Garde

The Lunar New Year calls for a hair makeover at Avant Garde! 2017 will be an eventful year- finally get the keys to our BTO, plus work and the blog are occupying most of my time. Hence, I’m opting for a shorter style, so that I head out quickly to conquer the busy day ahead.

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